Kingdom Chapter 694 Release Date, Leaks, and Spoilers

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The latest chapter of Kingdom revealed the tense relationship between Kanki and Kouchou as the two try to overcome the struggles of being in the military. However, not everything is as smooth and desirable as one would have hoped. Chapter 693 ends with a tragic cliffhanger with the life of one of our dear protagonists at stake. 

If you wish to know more about Kingdom Chapter 694, please read further for we bring you everything you need to know. 

Kingdom Chapter 694 Release Date

The upcoming Kingdom chapter will get released soon, on the 3rd of October 2021. Hopefully, there shall be no delays and it’ll be released on time. 

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Kingdom Chapter 693 Recap

  • Kouchou and Kanki meet each other with their armies ready to battle any moment. 


  • Kochou has a cavalry of around 100 highly skilled 100 soldiers while Kanki has accumulated a cavalry of 200 men from the Kaitou Shuma Clan, known for their bravery. 
  • During the battle, Kochou’s soldiers suffered a horrible and humiliating defeat. 
  • As Kanki’s troops continue making their advances, one enemy soldier attacks Kanki, which he deflects and kills easily. 
  • However, the soldier says something which haunts him, i.e. that Kanki doesn’t know real pain. Contrarily, Kochou has experienced the depths of pain.


  • Kanki and Kochou exchange some insults and condescending remarks. 
  • Towards the end of the chapter, Kochou decides to kill himself before the enemy does as a matter of pride and drink with Raido. Will this mean the death of our beloved Kochou? 

Kingdom Chapter 694 Spoilers

The raw scans of this chapter haven’t been released yet, because of which the spoilers aren’t out yet. However, there are many speculations on Reddit, which you can easily access. 

Where To Read Kingdom

There are no legal sources for reading the manga Kingdom.

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