Kingdom Chapter 706: Break Confirmed! New Release Date and Spoilers

Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4

According to the series’ regular schedule, Kingdom Chapter 706 was supposed to have been released on January 16, 2022. However, the manga is on a short one week hiatus due to a magazine break. We’ve got all that you need to know about the new release date and major spoilers as well. So head on down below!

About Kingdom   

The manga follows the experiences of war orphan Shin, in this story of a fictionalized narrative of the Warring States period. The plot focuses on Shin and his comrades as he tries his best to become the greatest general and unify China for the first time in 500 years.

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Recap of Kingdom Chapter 705

  • The chapter begins with the Kanki leaders enjoying the food cooked by Ma Ron while watching the Ousen army capture the castle ahead of them.

Kingdom Chapter 705

  • The Hi Shin Unit is also told to lie low but Shin is baffled that only the Ousen army is working.
  • Ousen orders the Kanki army, the Hi Shin Unit, Gakuka and the Heki army to protect them from outsiders while they attack Atsuyo.
  • En-san asks Ten’s opinion on this strategy. And Shin wonders if it’s alright to not make use of the unified army they have in their reach.
  • Ten thinks that Ousen is probably doing this to prevent casualties.
  • When En-san asks if they’re going to head far north, Ten replies affirmatively, saying that Kantan will send proper reinforcements this time and that it’s sure to be a fierce battle.
  • Shin is still questioning Ousen’s strategy for this battle and also wonders why Ousen didn’t send the Kanki army to take the castle if he’s being super cautious.
  • Ten replies that Ousen probably feels the most confident in his own army as siege battles are his speciality.
  • The Kanki army will not be as skilled in taking over the castle and will thus lead to many casualties. Ten believes that Ousen’s strategy is to prevent as much casualty as possible.

Kingdom Chapter 705

  • Denrimi tells his 6th and 7th units to climb the south wall. As the Hi Shin Unit is keeping watch, they’re surprised at the number of soldiers climbing up.
  • When Denrimi’s soldiers reach the top and attack the Zhao soldiers standing guard, they try to use this moment to push forward.
  • However, the Zhao soldiers jump off, taking the Qin soldiers down with them.
  • The complete dedication of the Zhao soldiers to defend the castle even if it meant dying, makes Denrimi conclude that these soldiers are those who previously lost their family members to Kanki.
  • The Denrimi army remains unsuccessful in gaining a foothold on the walls and the Ousen army will completely face the Zhao soldiers’ personal motivations for vengeance and the consequences of Kanki’s actions.

Leaks and Spoilers of Kingdom Chapter 706

  • The previous chapter ended with a frontal charge by the Zhao army led by Ryuhaku and Kohaku.They each have 300 cavalry they are leading outside of the castle.

Kingdom Chapter 705

  • Kohaku has no intention for his forces to ho back to the castle and declares that they will fight to the death out there.
  • He points out Denrimi as their target and also adds that they will then head toward Kanki and get revenge for Kochou. Before they head out Shun Sui Ju calls out to Kohaku.
  • We then get a flashback scene where Shun Sui Ju permits the charge but one which will not be suicidal. To this, Kohaku retaliates and says that he won’t put up with such an order.
  • Back in the present time, Shun Sui Ju wishes Kohaku and his group good luck before they head out.
  • The Hi Shin Unit notices the soldiers leaving the castle and Ten comments the Ousen army is not prepared to deal with an attack like that. She’s aware that their target is Denrimi and says it’s dangerous.
  • Shin then questions whether the gates closed behind them and Ten confirms it, adding that this means they have no intention to turn back and fully intend to die outside.
  • The Ousen army’s attempts to stop the Zhao army are no match as the Zhao forces are relentless. When one of Denrimi’s men asks for orders, Denrimi replies that it’s too late to run so they better face them straight on rather than be killed from behind.
  • As the Zhao army begins to close in on Denrimi, Ousen’s unit attacks them. Denrimi apologizes to Ousen and he replies that it’s alright and that it will be annoying if members of Kochou’s army are left alive.
  • Denrimi orders his men to thorougly eliminate them. Shun Sui Ju and his group realizes that the attack on Denrimi has failed because of Ousen.
  • We then get another flashback scene where Shun Sui Ju tells Kohaku that a suicidal charge will be allowed as a proper strategy only if it is able to get rid of Denrimi.
  • However, the condition is that they are only allowed 300 each. We then return to that earlier flashback scene with Shun Sui Ju not allowing a suicidal charge and Kohaku not wanting to listen.
Kingdom Chapter 706
Raw scan of Kingdom Chapter 706
  • Shun Sui Ju further tells him that they should target Kanki instead if the Denrimi attack plan fails. And if that also fails, they are to leave the battle and survive no matter what.
  • Kohaku feels that resorting to escaping is just asking them to live in shame but Shun Sui Ju feels that a suicidal charge is just running away and that they should strive hard to live on no matter what if they want to get revenger for their dead loved ones on Kanki.
  • Kohaku feels offended and questions what somebody like Shun Sui Ju would even know when he’s from the North and would never understand the Kochou army. Shun Sui Ju then replies that if they die without Kanki, it will be a meaningless death.
  • Kohaku orders his troops to retreat so that his unit will act as a rear guard while Ryuhaku’s unit leads the charge. Ousen’s army attempts to stop them.
  • Ryuhaku says that it’s time for them to head toward their real target and they give the Ousen army the slip. As the Ryuhaku unit gets close enough to see Kanki’s HQ they are met with the Hi Shin Unit. Shin tells them that he’s sorry but that he can’t allow them to move beyond that point.

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Release Date of Kingdom Chapter 706

Kingdom Chapter 706 is now scheduled to be released on Sunday, January 23, 2022.


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