Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239: Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details

Tokyo Revengers

We got a sad episode this time with Mitsuya’s appearance. Draken’s death seems to have taken a toll on him as he has shut himself up, essentially becoming a recluse who spends all his time coming up with designs.

Mitsuya is motivated by sheer desperation to fulfill that one promise he made to Draken to become a fashion designer. As Mitsuya is otherwise occupied with a different goal, it complicates the matter on whether he’ll join the gang or not. What’s in store next for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239? Head down below to get all the latest details!

About Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi Hanagaki’s life is extremely unsatisfying and things get even worse when he learns that his ex-girlfriend from middle school, Hinata Tachibana has been killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang. The next day, wondering where it all went wrong, he’s at the station platform and when he ends up being pushed over onto the tracks, he thinks he’s going to die.

But when he opens his eyes, he finds that he’s travelled back 12 years in the past. Now that he’s back reliving his old life, Takemichi resolves to join the Tokyo Manji Gang to alter the future and save Hinata.


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Recap of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 238

  • The chapter begins with Takemichi exclaiming that all their team needs now is an advisor and someone with taste. He further says that he has someone in mind who has great style and is level headed.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 238

  • Hakkai instantly knows who he’s talking about. Then, the four of them head to Mitsuya’s place but it’s Runa who greets them and tells them that her brother is in a tight spot at the moment.
  • Runa says that there’s a fashion competition coming up for rookie designers so Mitsuya is working hard for it.
  • Hakkai recalls how Mitsuya used to hate awards and prizes. To this, Runa replies that Mitsuya used to have that attitude but after the Draken incident, he’s changed his mind.
  • She says that ever since the Draken incident, Mitsuya has kept himself shut in his room so immersed in making his designs that he won’t even go out of his room to eat.
  • Takemichi then asks Runa to meet Mitsuya. When the pair head into his room, we see a disheveled looking Mitsuya in an equally messy room, hunched over his work. Dissatisfied, he then crumples up the paper he was working on and throws it away.
  • The paper hits Runa and that’s when he realizes the presence of Runa and Takemichi in the room.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 238

  • The next scene then cuts to Takemichi and Mitsuya sitting on swings in a park. Chifuyu, Inupi and Hakkai watch them from the sideline. Hakkai comments on Mitsuya’s health and says that he has lost so much weight.
  • Chifuyu adds that Draken’s death must have been difficult on him. When Mitsuya asks Takemichi why he’s here, Takemichi tells him about his plan to fight Mikey and that he’s currently building a team for that reason.
  • As Takemichi is about to ask him to join their team, Mitsuya suddenly confesses that he really wants to meet him.
  • Then, we get a flashback scene between Mitsuya and Draken. The two seem to be meeting after a while as they exchange greetings and ask how they’ve been faring.
  • Draken asks Mitsuya how he’s doing with his fashion and Mitsuya asks the same about Draken’s bike shop business.
  • Suddenly, Draken asks Mitsuya if he’s gotten used to a life without Toman. Before Mitsuya replies, Draken confesses that he can’t seem to move on from it so he’s decided to go back to the delinquent life and follow Mikey.
  • With that said, he encourages Mitsuya and says that he better become a fashion designer.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 238

  • Back to the present, we see Takemichi realizing where Mitsuya’s determination to make it as a designer comes from. Mitsuya wishes to fulfill the promise he made to Draken that time.
  • Takemichi tells the other three that Mitsuya will not be joining their team but that they should support him to achieve his dreams.
  • Then, the final scene of the chapter cuts to one week later. We see Takemichi and the others arriving at the venue of the competition. Will Mitsuya be able to win the award?

What Can Happen in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239?

  • In Chapter 239, we may get to find out Mitsuya’s final decision on whether he will join the team or not.
  • Many fans are speculating that Mitsuya will win the competition and that will sort of clear his head and drive him to join Takemichi’s team.
  • Also, another expectation is that the design Mitsuya comes up with for the competition may become the gang’s new uniform.

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Release Date of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239 is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, January 25, 2022.

Where to Read?

You can read the upcoming chapter and the rest of the series on the Kodansha website or the Mangamo app.

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