Kingdom Chapter 712 Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details

Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4

In Kingdom Chapter 712, The Soukan Army has laid a surprise attack on the Qin Army and its soldiers are scrambling. The ruthless Ji Aga is laying to slaughtering every enemy he comes across. Meanwhile, the Qin generals are dying like flies. 

Will the loss of leadership make the Qin units retreat? Will they be able to meet the Ousen and Kanki armies as it was planned or will they look through Kan Saro’s ruse? Read this article to find everything about Kingdom Chapter 712.

About Kingdom 

Xin and Piao are war orphans living as servants in a rural town in the kingdom of Qin during the Warring States period of ancient China. They do, however, train regularly in order to become the “Great Generals of the Heavens.”

A minister takes Piao to the palace for an unexplained reason one day, leaving Xin behind. The plot of Kingdom is based on the Chinese history period known as the Warring States period, which lasted from 221 BC to 221 BC.


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Recap of Kingdom Chapter 711

Since Chapter 712 has not been released yet, we can recap the events of Chapter 711 titled “Tricky Numbers”. Lord Sou Hakou is slain by Kan Saro after he refuses to give up. Kan Jaro and Ji Aga have broken through the opposing army, and the Zhao Army clearly has an edge. 

Kingdom Chapter 712

The ferocious Ji Aga is massacring the Qin soldiers who are losing their faith as they have lost their general. The generals of Wan, Kin, and Totan units ask their soldiers to retreat, given their hopeless situation. In their haste, everyone forgets to check the Zhao Army’s numbers. Soon, the entire rear of the Qin Army is retreating. 


The Qin Northeastern Army General Fuuhan, asks the remaining soldiers to push forward to the meeting point and wait for Kanki and Ousen armies. The Kan Saro Army has killed 40,000 soldiers through its surprise attack and only 50,000 troops are left, the rest having retreated to Taigen. 

Kingdom Chapter 712

At the meeting point, everyone is disappointed at the number of troops that have returned. They wonder whether they should give up and withdraw to Atsuyo or attack Gi’an as they had planned. Most people vote to invade.

Kingdom Chapter 712


Shin expresses his concerns over things going too smoothly for them and suspects something is fishy. Kanki knows everything and he says that it is precisely because of this that they must launch an attack to surprise the enemy. However, in the Soukan camp, Riboku has already anticipated this and the Soukan army is now preparing for defence. 

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Raw Scans and Spoilers 

Kingdom Chapter 712

The battle is beginning to heat up, so we expect an epic confrontation between the Zhao and the Qin armies. The Raw Scans show that the Qin army reaches the castle without facing any enemy opposition and everyone is surprised. Whether or not this is all Riboku’s plan, we’ll soon find out. 


Release Date of Kingdom Chapter 712 

Kingdom Chapter 712 will come out on 14 March 2022. 

Where to Read Kingdom?

There is no legal website to read Kingdom. But you can do it here.

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