Kingdom Chapter 713 Release Date, Raw Scans, and Other Details

Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4

The joint Kanki army is marching towards Gi’an. Soothsayers are seeing bad omens and perform a dance to ward off evil. Surprisingly, they encounter no enemy on the way. However, their scouts are being killed. 

They decide to take the Sekirei castle for having an accessible base. But what are Riboku’s tactics and why has he let the Kanki army march unimpeded? Has he given up or does he have an ace up his sleeve which will totally change the direction of the final battles? Read this article to find everything about Kingdom Chapter 713.!

About Kingdom 

Xin and Piao are war orphans living as servants in a rural town in the kingdom of Qin during the Warring States period of ancient China. They do, however, train regularly in order to become the “Great Generals of the Heavens.”

A minister takes Piao to the palace for an unexplained reason one day, leaving Xin behind. The plot of Kingdom is based on the Chinese history period known as the Warring States period, which lasted from 221 BC to 221 BC.

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Recap of Kingdom Chapter 712 

Since Kingdom Chapter 713 is not out yet, we can go over the events of Chapter 712. We are edging closer to the final battle. Kanki’s army has joined the Northeastern Army and are going forward with their original plan of attacking Gi’an.

Kingdom Chapter 713

The joint Kanki Army has entered the unknown Zhao northern region. The soothsayer informs everyone that he is sensing bad omens and people can already see stars during the day. The Najara clan starts performing a ritual dance to ward off evil spirits and Ri Shin just laughs them off. Kanki is also confident of winning the battle. 

Kingdom Chapter 713

They march without meeting any resistance and people begin to suspect something is fishy. The clan leaders and generals believe it is because of their superior numerical strength that none of the troops in the castles they passed attacked them. But the enemy is hunting their scouts. 

Kingdom Chapter 713

Someone proposes that they should take over the small castle of Sekirei so that they have a base near Gi’an to rest their troops if things go awry. General Heki accepts the responsibility of capturing the small fort. General Heki reaches the fort and orders his troops to besiege it. But the chapter ends on a cliffhanger with Kyou-Rei realising something troubling about the castle.

Spoilers and Raw Scan for Kingdom Chapter 713 

Kingdom Chapter 713

Korean Raw Scans for Kingdom Chapter 713 show the Heki unit taking over Sekirei peacefully. Everyone there has fled and the elders ask for no bloodshed. Everyone in the Heki army is rejoicing that they were able to win the castle so easily. 

However, Ri Shin is worried as he feels that something is off. Then people realise that Riboku is still alive and all the while he has concealed the movement of his army quite well. We speculate that in the next chapter a big blow will be handed to the joint Kanki army and Riboku’s tactics will triumph. 

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Release Date of Kingdom Chapter 713 

Kingdom Chapter 713 will come out on 21 March 2022. 

Where to Read Kingdom Chapter 713?

There is no legal website to read Kingdom. But you can do it here.


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