One Punch Man Chapter 161 Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details

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Here’s everything you need to know about One Punch Man Chapter 161.

About This Anime

It highlights the trials and tribulations that Saitama, a superhero who can demolish any opponent with a single punch, faces. He attempts to locate a suitable opponent, exhausted by the fact that no one is powerful enough to face him owing to his great might.

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One Punch Man Chapter 160 Recap

One Punch Man, Chapter 161


Saitama will face the Hero Hunter, who has earned a number of power-ups during the series.
Garou was unable to even scratch Saitama the first time he tried to fight him, while the Caped Baldy knocked him out cold for being in the line of his shopping.

It is also possible that Saitama will not fight Garou. However, the last panel implies that he will, in fact, face Garou. The Hero Hunter is alone, and Saitama arrived with either annoyance or rage on his face.

Baldy, clad in a cape, is ready to take on Garou. He either doesn’t remember him from when he kicked Garou. Maybe he’s just curious to find out more about his looks.

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One Punch Man Chapter 161 Spoilers

One Punch Man, Chapter 161

The spoilers for the upcoming chapter will not be released yet. As and when they do get released, we’ll update it here.

One Punch Man Chapter 161 Release Date

One Punch Man Chapter 161 is scheduled to get released in either the first or second week of April 2022 or any other day after that. The manga is released sporadically without following any fixed schedule because the mangaka takes his own time in releasing new chapters.

One Punch Man 161 raw scans will be the first to be released, and we expect them to be available by April 5th, 2022. Various scanlation teams begin translating in preparation for the publication of the English Chapter. The translation process usually takes 2-4 days, so we should have it by April 7-14, 2022.


Where To Read

You can read all the chapters of the One Punch Man manga on either Viz Media or MangaPlus. It is accessible via a subscription that is billed on a monthly basis. However, anyone can read the latest three chapters since they are available for free.

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