Kingdom Chapter 723 Raw Scans Reveals High-action Drama!

Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4

The English translations for Kingdom Chapter 723 are not out yet. But based on Korean Raw Scans we can say that Kingdom Chapter 723 promises a lot of high-octane drama and intense battle. Read this article to find everything about Kingdom Chapter 723 Raw Scans!

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Spoilers for Kingdom Chapter 723

  • Kyoukai kills the enemy and is exhausted utterly. Shin rescues her as she is falling off the horse. Shin informs her that because of her the path has been opened up around the troops which have surrounded them.
  • Ten commands his troop to keep this new path clear. Shin and his soldiers are catching some rest which irks Ten and he shouts at them to continue fighting. However Shin retorts and asks him to calm down. Kingdom Chapter 723 Raw Scans
  • En-San commands everyone to get every injured person out of the way and not leave anyone behind. Denyuu says that they tried diverting the focus of the enemy only on the right side but that did not work out.
  • The Zhao general praises Shin’s fighting prowess to which Shin proudly replies that he is just beginning. Aisen orders all Gakuka troops to head into the HSU opening and they all begin to leave.

Kingdom Chapter 723 Raw Scans

  • The Zhao soldiers watch as the two armies disperse and Riboku is filled with admiration.
  •  Riboku, on the other hand, claims that this will not be enough for them. He claims that they will send their troops after the HSU and Gakuka and utilise the opportunity to eliminate Kanki. 

Kingdom Chapter 723 Raw Scans

  • When one of his soldiers suggests that Kanki could pull off something similar to Shin and that they should be on their guard, Riboku assures them that they need not be concerned because he is incapable of doing so. 
  • He even goes so far as to claim that Kanki lacks something that even the most basic general should have, and that this is his flaw.

Release Date of Kingdom Chapter 723

Translations of Kingdom Chapter 720 will be released in the third week of June. Visit this website for regular updates.

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Where to read Kingdom?

There is no legal website to read Kingdom. But you can do it here.

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