Kingdom Chapter 724 Raw Scans Reveal Kanki’s ONE Weakness!

Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4

The English translations for Kingdom Chapter 724 are not out yet. But based on Korean Raw Scans we can say that Kingdom Chapter 724 promises a lot of high-octane drama and intense battle. Riboku has realised a crucial truth about Kanki’s tactics. Read this article to find everything about Kingdom Chapter 724 Raw Scans!

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Spoilers for Kingdom Chapter 724

  • The Heki army at the front and another family that moved to the right to cover that region are now the sole forces defending the HQ, as Kokuou notices that the HSU and the Gakuka made it out on the left.
  • The HSU and the Gakuka are out, and Heki’s soldiers suggest that they follow suit. They are however stopped by Heki, who warns them from leaving their post because they are in the respectable position of the centre army tasked with repelling the enemy.Kingdom Chapter 724 Raw Scans
  • Riboku wonders why the Qin army is not moving towards Kanki’s Headquarters. Riboku analyses Kanki’s past four battles. Then, according to Riboku, all of these four battles share a same theme.
  • The “surprise attack” and “unorthodox” are inferred by a soldier, and confirmed by Riboku. He goes on to add that this also means Kanki has never achieved a conventional victory.

Kingdom Chapter 724 Raw Scans

  • According to Riboku, they would steadily eliminate the adversary using the strength of their numbers, and by virtue of Kanki being helpless, they will also kill him.
  • Kanki gives orders to Marron for every head of the clan. He is calm in the face of the impending destruction of them.
  • Riboku thinks to himself that they almost took out all the enemies who block their way to Kanki’s HQ and thinks if Kanki’s HQ is going to do anything now is the only chance they have.

Kingdom Chapter 724 Raw Scans

  • Because they have never seen or heard of a formation like the one Kanki put together, Riboku’s soldiers are aware that Kanki is employing some sort of plan, but they are unsure of what it is.

Release Date of Kingdom Chapter 724

Translations of Kingdom Chapter 724 will be released in a week. Visit this website for regular updates.

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Where to read Kingdom?

There is no legal website to read Kingdom. But you can do it here.

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