Why Chris Evans Changed His “Assembled” Line Delivery In Avengers: Endgame

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It’s now been over three years since Chris Evans was last screen as the iconic Captain America. Recently, the actor has spoken a lot about the role thanks to the press tour for his Pixar film Lightyear. The actor has noted how “[he] really, really miss(es)” being Steve Rogers and how he especially misses “the people” he worked with on the various MCU projects.

The last time audiences saw Evans in the role, he had just uttered the iconic “Avengers Assemble” line. The moment is generally included in many fans’ lists of all-time best MCU scenes.

It was previously known that the line was to originally be shouted by Steve Rogers, instead of being said in a steely low-volume voice.

In the commentary track for Avengers: Endgame, it was revealed how it was the Russo’s idea for Evans’ delivery to “go under.” However, Joe Russo did note how the choice might have backfired a bit, with the “energy in the theater” potentially creating enough noise to drown out the line itself.

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Now, Evans has explained further about why that delivery was changed.

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Why Evans Changed His “Assembled” Line Delivery

During an interview with MTV News for his newly released film Lightyear, Chris Evans was asked if there were any other versions of his classic “Avengers assemble” line uttered as Steve Rogers in Avengers: Endgame.

Evans reiterated what was previously known in that “[he] was gonna should the first take,” but “it almost [felt] like [he] knew what the camera was doing”—but the actor did admit to having “tried [the screaming version on] at (his) home the night before”

The actor continued, saying how “[he] really loved” when Chris Hemsworth gave his primal roar right after. That, in conjunction with his “more steely” delivery, worked really well:

“I really loved that right when I say it, [Chris] Hemsworth just lets out that, you know, primal roar. It almost, it would’ve been strange if I had screamed, and everyone screamed. It almost felt better, kind of being more steely.”

In his film Lightyear, the actor had another iconic line he had to deliver: “to infinity and beyond!” So which was more pressure to voice?

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According to Evans, “[Lightyear] felt a little more intimidating” because “someone else has kind of put their stamp on it”

Why Chris Evans Changed His “Assembled” Line Delivery In Avengers: Endgame

Chris Evans – A Man of Iconic Lines

While the more understated delivery isn’t what most fans were expecting in the moment, there’s no denying how masterfully it worked. Chris Hemsworth’s primal battle cry went a long way in helping it succeed as well, pushing the energy forward.

It’s a bit of a shame that the line had to wait almost a decade before actually being uttered on screen, but thankfully, it nailed the landing when it finally arrived.

So when might he say it again? With how much Evans loved the role, the actor has admitted he’d love to return, though it would be “a tall order” for him.

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Reports indicate that his character will make an appearance again at some point. Hopefully, fans won’t have to wait until the big Secret Wars event that is undoubtedly around the corner. First though, maybe it’s best to let Anthony Mackie’s hero have a little more time in the spotlight before splitting that light amongst several people under the same mantle.

After all, Sam Wilson will probably have to say “Avengers, assemble” at least once himself before Marvel brings Steve back into the picture.

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