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Is Sylvie A Hybrid Character Of Lady Loki And The Enchantress? Loki Director Comments

Is Sylvie Good Or Bad? The Plot Gets Twisted With Every Episode

In episode 2, fans officially met Sylvie for the first time. Ever since then, we have all been trying to piece together the puzzle of her character. Is Sylvie a hybrid character of Lady Loki and the Enchantress?

The series has quite a treat for fans as we get to explore different realms of each character, including their genders and powers.

Influence Of Lady Loki And The Enchantress

The director of the series, Kate Herron said that there’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to Sylvie’s character. This aspect will be later revealed in the series. However, the director did reveal one thing– Sylvie will be different from the one from the comics.

“She’s a unique character,” the director commented. However, she also said that there are some things that have been inspired by the comics too.

When they first met the female Loki, fans were a bit confused because of her hair colour. Commenting on that, Herron said that it made more sense for Sylvie to be blonde in the series.

“The blonde that we associate with Sylvie is played in that sense, but it makes sense for her character within our story. But I would say deeper than that, yeah, there’s more to be revealed about her character to come,” Herron added.

The director said that although Sylvie is a hybrid character, she’s not the same as Lady Loki from the comics. Herron mentioned that Lady Loki is a very different character in the comics when compared to Sylvie.

“I love that character and I think she’s got a very different journey. But our Sylvie is a female Loki, in that sense — because in episode 1 and 2, they know it’s a Loki they’re tracking — but I think that’s part of the discussion. It’s almost like Loki — as in Tom Loki” Herron revealed.

The real question now is, who really is Sylvie and how much of our Loki’s life does she have? Herron promised fans that all these questions will be answered as the show goes on. She added that her past, where she came from, and why she doesn’t like being called Loki will all be addressed.

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