Loki Director Talks About Loki’s Bisexuality And His Magic Powers

In an interview with ET Online, Loki director Kate Herron discussed everything about the show. Ranging from Loki’s bisexuality to his magic powers in the last episode that aired, Herron has a treat for fans.

Loki’s first three episodes showed the God of Mischief teaming up with Agent Mobius and the Time Variance Authority to track down a Variant of himself: A female Loki that goes by the name Sylvie. Sylvie is set to blow up the Sacred Timeline as we know so far.

“It’s just so fun seeing what people are liking, what people’s theories are. I couldn’t be more happy, to be honest,” Herron stated in the interview. She also tackled some questions that fans of Loki have.

Loki’s Bisexuality

Herron mentioned that Loki being shown as bisexual in canon was “very important to everyone”. According to her, the scene where Loki and Sylvie were being raw and honest about who they are was the perfect opportunity to display his gender fluidity to the viewers.

Herron said that Episode 3 was especially beautiful for her because the two characters started to get to know each other. “It felt like the right place for that conversation to happen. And I thought it was done really beautifully by the writers,” she confessed.

The Loki director told ET Online that although it seems like a small step, it actually can have a massive impact on a bigger scale. “If I saw that when I was 10, it would be really big for me,” she said.

Herron also shared that she has received several encouraging comments online. She said that it had encouraged some fans to come out to their family as well.

Loki’s Magic

In Episode 3 of the series, Loki flexes his magical powers more than ever before. This also shook fans and brought up a lot of theories and questions.

Herron stated that Loki has amazing powers across the comics and it’s clearly not displayed enough in these adaptations. “That was something else”, she said when she was asked about Loki’s magical powers.

“The oner at the end of Episode 3 was that I’ve seen a lot of oners but I haven’t seen one with magic. So, I was like, let’s put loads of magic in there!” the director added. Therefore, it’s indeed confirmed that Loki has telekinesis along with magic blasts from the director herself.

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