Lessons Naruto Learned From Defeat

For someone who has a reputation among his peers as a dead-last loser, Naruto doesn’t actually lose that often. It’s pretty hard to beat the host of a nine-tailed demon fox with an unbreakable will. Even when he has lost, Naruto’s generally been able to gain something from his defeats. here’s everything you need to know about the lesson Naruto learn from his defeat.

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Never Give Up On OthersNever Give Up On Others

Lost to Sasuke at the Valley of the End was probably the most painful defeat of Naruto’s ninja career. It ends up being the fight that shapes him the most, as he sees the full impact of Sasuke’s pain and anger.

Sasuke defects and Naruto could’ve easily given up on his friends like Jiraiya and Tsunade did with Orochimaru. Instead, he devotes his entire life to bringing Sasuke home.

This World Has Monsters

By the time the Chunin exams get underway, Naruto’s already seen deadly swordsmen and corruption. He doesn’t know the true evils the world has to offer until Team 7 runs into Orochimaru. This is a monster that could straight-up kill him and all of his friends with a smile on his face.

Orochimaru defeats Naruto and puts an additional seal on him to contain the Nine Tail’s chakra. In facing Orochimaru, Naruto learns of one of the biggest threats to his village and more importantly, his teammates.

Know Your EnemyKnow Your Enemy

It takes Lee about two hits to quickly dispose of Naruto. Naruto rushes the “cool” taijutsu specialist without knowing anything about his opponent beyond his bushy eyebrows and questionable fashion sense. While Sasuke doesn’t do much better, he at least takes the opportunity to analyze Lee’s fighting style, giving him at least a small chance in the fight.

In his bid to outdo his rival, Naruto inadvertently learns a lot from Sasuke. While his brain is never quite Naruto’s strength, his ability to analyze his opponent’s abilities improves in leaps and bounds over the course of the series.

There’s Nothing More Important Than Trusting Your Comrades

Ultimately the whole point of the bell test is to force Genin to work together and protect each other. There is no greater sin than abandoning a comrade and this lesson defines Naruto’s entire career as a ninja. In this battle, Naruto’s fairly self-centered, largely thinking about his own goals while ignoring his two teammates. Going forward everything Naruto does is about protecting his comrades

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Be Patient

The Bell Test was Team 7’s first exercise together, and poor Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto all got their butts kicked. Kakashi displays his skill as a teacher by imparting several important lessons, with the first one regarding patience.

Naruto attempts to attack his new teacher before he even says start. Kakashi reprimands him and reminds him of the importance of patience, that it’s better for a ninja to wait for the appropriate time to strike. At the very least one should wait until they have all relevant information.

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