Loki Episode 4: Release Date, Where To Watch

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Fans are excited as the Loki episode 4 release date draws near. Episode after episode, the series has raised many questions and also revealed many things about each character.

Interestingly, episode 2 introduced us to a female Loki, a new character in the canon of MCU. Although fans have known about the existence of a Lady Loki from the comics, it’s the first time the character is introduced in film adaptations.

Quick Recap

The third episode takes a twist when the characters are shown in a different light. The female Loki is shown to be Sylvie. While we’re not sure if she will be a friend or foe to our usual Loki, the third episode showed the two bonding and getting to know each other.

Episode 3 also revealed that Loki is bisexual and highlighted his gender fluidity. It then left the audience with a cliffhanger of Loki and Sylvie using their magical powers which have never been shown on screen before.


The director of the show, Kate Herron, said that there was a lot of magic in episode 3 because Loki is actually naturally very powerful in the comics while adaptations have not shown that enough. She highlighted that she wanted to show this side of Loki and Sylvie in the third episode.

Herron also said that Loki being shown as gender-fluid was an important part of the series. She said that it meant a lot to her as well as to many other fans.

Loki Episode 4 Release Date

we’re halfway through the six-episode series of Loki as new episodes are released every Wednesday. Therefore, the new episode 4 of the series will be released for the anticipating fans on June 30.

Where To Watch

The series is a Disney Original and will be released on the Disney+Hotstar platform. Anyone with a Disney+ subscription will be able to stream new episodes every Wednesday.

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