Loki Series’ Latest Trailer Teases Loki’s New Job As A TVA Agent


As far as Loki is concerned, he was always and will always be up to something no matter what is going on. The latest trailer just confirms that.

TVA Agent

Sometimes we seriously wonder maybe the world would’ve been a better place if Odin had just given Loki the crown.

Seriously, all the guy needs is a crown. In search of it, he has caused enough problems for the Avengers, not to mention Thor, and also the latest one would be the TVA authorities.

We thought that Loki might serve time for his crimes by working for the TVA authority. Never did we ever think that he would be hired to set everything back to the way before, and it is the way he pays for his crimes.


Will Loki Set Everything back? 

I am still confused as to how this whole quantum realm time jumping thing works. We might get a better idea after Ant-Man 3 and Multiverse of Madness.

So, until then, all we know is that Loki, who escaped from the hands of Avengers after the events of New York’s destruction, that was seen in the Endgame, ends up creating a lot of trouble.

Basically, the show begins with Loki getting caught by the TVA authority, and from there on, we see him recruited to fix everything he broke.

Is This the First Time Loki Serves Time For his crime?

Well, that may be the case after all. We know he was punished during the events of Thor: Dark World for what happened in New York, but he gets an easy release when his mother is killed, and Thor decided to defy Odin’s order.

So, that serving time was cut short. He should’ve been thrown back in, but he acted as if he is dead and escapes to Asgard, sending Odin to Earth and posing as Odin in Asgard.

Long story short, Loki never served full time. For a demi-god who is notoriously known to be always up to something, it would be a treat to see him fix something for a change.

So, all we know is that he would be taken back to everything he messed up, and we will get to see some pretty exciting adventures he took.

He is coming to our screens on June 11 so just hold on for a while!

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