Loki Will Be Bisexual In The Disney Plus Series


Though the sources are pretty much half the time not trustworthy, we have received news that Loki will romance both male and female partners in his new series.

Do we even know Loki?

Even though we think we know a lot about Loki or what the God of Mischief is up to, there is no really knowing him. He is unpredictable AF and sometimes makes us just feel like an arrow pierced our heart (Infinity War).

Reliable Source?

Well, according to Pink News, who got their news from WeGotThisCovered, who in turn got from Daniel Richtman, the “Industry Insider,” it says the adopted brother of Thor will explore a lot in the new upcoming series.

Norse Mythology

According to Norse Mythology, or according to Marvel Comics, Loki has been gender-fluid all along. According to some fans, this is not a shocker even though some claim that it is not actually him being bisexual but merely transforming into a female or a male and seducing someone when he needs to get something done.


Why now?

Do we really know Loki as a person?

Some fans also suggest that there is no way Marvel is suddenly making Loki bisexual after he has been in the MCU for ten years. But to be frank, we never really got to see what was running in his mind other than fooling his brother and trying to rule Earth. So, it’s kinda hard to say ‘no, he didn’t like so and so’ or was attracted to so and so. Well, one thing I know for sure, I would have me a Loki anytime!

Will it help making him bisexual?

It’s the year 2020, and by now, people should be able to accept a bisexual character, or else something is wrong with them. Even though some fans are happy at the sight of this news, some are just not convinced that making Loki a bisexual will not help anyone.

Younger and Older Version

Young Thor and Loki

Since we never saw anything personal about Loki, we might get a closer look at Loki and his life in the new Disney plus series. If rumors are to be true, then we might also see an older version of Loki in the series while the younger one is busy jumping through timelines. We think so because it is highly speculated that Richard E Grant will be playing the older version of Loki.

Loki Forever

No matter what, we know we love Loki. Let it be the little annoying version of the New York battle, one or the one that sacrificed his life for his brother. We know we can never say we hate the god of mischief.


We have no idea of what to expect in the series as there is no trailer released yet, all we can do is speculate.

The Disney plus series is scheduled to release in early 2021. So, we might get a trailer in January, maybe.

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