Peter Quill’s Action In Infinity War Is Justified!

The ongoing debate among Marvel fans is, if the hate towards Peter Quill is valid.

Before you all jump to conclusions, only those who have seen every Marvel movie regarding the Avengers and everyone in it shall speak here. Others shall just take your uninformed butt somewhere else.

That being said, let’s get to the facts. Many reasons have been given by fans and theorists in Reddit and whatnot.

Human Factor

But one simple thing remains there is, his girl died, obviously, he was angry and unbalanced. If you saw all the movies including Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2 you would know that Peter’s family was tiny. Gamora, Rocket and Groot where his immediate family. Mantis and Drax join later. Peter lost his actual crazy father, but what hurt him the most was losing Yondu. Peter also lost his mom while he was young.

Everyone that was ever close to him and he loved the most died, his last hope was Gamora. Losing her was the most traumatic experience for him. So, sorry you insensitive people, he lost his cool. Also don’t forget, he is half-human and has every emotion like you and me.



Bleeker’s street Magician

That alone isn’t the defense we have. Remember Doctor Strange and what he said. Out of all the million possibilities, the Avengers only won one effing time. So one way or the other that this would’ve happened. For that one possibility to happen, Thanos had to get the stone. Leaving Tony stranded in space.

Then for him to come back with Captain Marvel and go settle in his life was also something which was supposed to happen. Every incident that took place due to Peter Quill losing his cool would’ve happened even without that.

Reality Check

Oh and remember in Endgame when Thanos came to the present timeline, yeah, he had no stones with him then and still put up a good fight. Even with Thor the effing Demi-God, Captain America the man out of time, and Tony Stark the Iron Man couldn’t stand a chance.

If Thanos without the stone was impossible to fight by these strong Avengers, then Tony stark and his intern along with the Guardians of Galaxy crew without Gamora didn’t stand a chance of winning the fight on Titan. Even with Doctor Strange present, I don’t think it was possible.

Power is addictive

Another thing, with all-powerful stones as the infinity stones, if not Thanos, someone else would’ve tried using it. It’s not like the only villain in MCU was Thanos. Another thing, the only person who was powerful enough to use the stone and demolish it after its usage was the Mad Titan himself. Don’t know what others would’ve used for or if they would ever stop using it. Thanos was a villain at least he was not greedy.

Was Thanos worthy in a way?

Tony died just snapping, and Hulk almost lost his hand. Even though many think Scarlett Witch could’ve done it since she demolished the mind stone. We seriously don’t think it’s possible. Since one stone was different and Wanda actually had a connection to that stone as her powers were a byproduct of it. Destroying all the stones was near to impossible.

So accept it or not, Peter Quill has no reason to deserve hate. If you are a true Marvel fan with every fact in your hand, you will agree to that. His only annoying but stupid quality is him thinking that he is the captain of the ship while everyone knows it is Thor.

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