Love All Play Episode 21 Release Date, Preview, and Other Details

Love All Play Anime Episode 22 Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details

Love All Play features a lot of exciting rivalries. After the events in the last episode, some rivalries are bound to increase in intensity. Keep reading this article to find out more about Love All Play Episode 21 and when it will get released.

About Love All Play

Ryo Mizushima entered his middle school’s badminton team with enthusiasm. However, due to him not being able to get a good coach, he ended up wasting his skills.  Nonetheless, since his physical strength was quite impressive, he ultimately made it to the prefectural competition.

Now he is a member of the elite Yokohama-Minato High School badminton team. Since he is getting coached by the great Ebihara and has access to outstanding teammates, will he be able to get to the top?

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Love All Play Episode 20 Recap

The opponent urged Mizushima to keep working hard on his own skills and that giving up isn’t the solution. Afterward, Akira and Mizushima played some badminton. Mizushima appeared to be having fun at the practice session.

Love All Play Episode 21

Hana then remarked that quality was very endearing. As a result, Mizushima will decide to concentrate on his strengths and develop them further. Meanwhile,  Yusa is driven to victory in every match.

By instructing Mizushima on how to utilize proper badminton techniques, and shots, and how to pinpoint the weak points, he assists Mizushima to develop as a player. Mizushima tries to work on his weaknesses with Akira helping him out.


Love All Play Episode 21 Preview/Spoilers

At the end of every episode, a short preview of about 10-20 seconds is shown to give viewers an idea of what to expect next episode.

With Mizushima winning the match at the end of the episode, how will this impact Yusa’s character? Will Yusa make a strong comeback?

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Love All Play Episode 21 Release Date

Love All Play Episode 21 is scheduled to get released on the 4th of September 2022. There was an unavoidable delay earlier. Every new episode usually gets released, with a gap of 7 days or 1 week between two consecutive episode releases. The release dates and timings could differ slightly based on where you’re located on the globe.


Where To Watch

All the episodes of Love All Play are available on Crunchyroll for streaming. However, they are not free and require viewers to pay a monthly subscription to get access to all of them.

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