Lucifer Returns For The One Last Time- Here’s The First Poster


Supernatural cop drama “Lucifer,” based on the comic book character created by author Neil Gaiman, originated as a series on Fox, airing for three seasons before the network decided to cancel its run due to lower ratings.

It didn’t take long, however, for a passionate fan campaign to compel streaming service Netflix to pick up the series.

On Netflix, the series thrived, eventually even receiving an unexpected renewal for a sixth season. Essentially, TV contracts tend to apply to five seasons at most, meaning that the prospect of producing a sixth season typically involves considerably more negotiating work than any of the five seasons before it (save for maybe the first).

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Seemingly due in part to this fact, the creatives behind “Lucifer” appeared to expect that five seasons would mark the show’s official end, particularly after one initial cancellation. Instead, however, the show is returning for Season 6 following successful negotiations with key cast members.

In advance of the Season 6 premiere, Netflix shared a series of character posters to the official “Lucifer” Twitter account. While these posters don’t reveal any new plot details, they proudly display the series’ cast members in advance of the show’s final outing.

The devil is back, and he brought friends.

Netflix shared seven character posters in total, each one featuring a single one of the show’s central cast members. The featured characters include Tom Ellis’ Lucifer, Lauren German’s Chloe Decker, D.B. Woodside’s Amenadiel, Lesley Ann-Brandt’s Mazikeen, Aimee Garcia’s Ella Lopez, Rachael Harris’ Linda Martin, and Kevin Alejandro’s Dan Espinoza.

lucifer series 6

Each poster centers its featured actor’s face — most of them bearing a serious facial expression — on the same red background. Superimposed over each of their faces are the words “the final season,” as well as the logos for “Lucifer” and Netflix.

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The sole caption attached to the Twitter thread containing these new posters reads, “gang’s all here and they look hella good,” followed by a black heart emoji and a smiling devil face emoji. Of course, the word “hella” carries a dual meaning here, given that the series’ main character is none other than Lucifer, Hell’s overlord.

Character-centric posters have seen something of a renaissance in recent years, especially given the ease with which they can be shared to social media. The team behind the promotion of the upcoming “Dune” movie, for example, similarly released a series of minimalist character posters foregrounding each of its central cast members through that movie’s own Twitter account.

The cast of “Lucifer,” shown off in this new series of character posters, will officially return one more time when the new season drops on September 10.

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