Marina Diamandis Tests COVID Positive. From Dua Lipa To Others, Who Was Partying With Her?

Marina Diamandis COVID

Marina Diamandis COVID Positive? Yes, you read that right. Unfortunately, the Primadonna singer has tested positive even though she confirmed that she has been double vaccinated. Diamandis has warned her fans to “be careful out there” as she announced the news

The 35-year-old pop star – who rose to stardom with the name Marina and the Diamonds used her platform to warn others. She stated that even the “mild” symptoms of COVID-19 are still very “unpleasant”. Diamandis admitted that she has spent the past week feeling very unwell and sick.

Marina Diamandis COVID Warnings To Fans

The 35-year-old also alleged that she has been double vaccinated. Through her Instagram story, she stated that five other friends of hers also got the virus. “I got COVID last week, as did five of my friends. We were all double vaccinated,” she wrote to her fans.

Diamandis also warned her fans to be careful and not mistake it for a common cold. Speaking from experience, the singer mentioned, “Don’t assume it’s a cold because you’re vaccinated. Don’t bother with rapid/lateral flow tests if it’s in the first five days after exposure. You’ll likely be undetectable and test negative.”

In her long message to fans, Diamandis told them to be careful throughout. She also talked about the vaccine and how it works for the body. “ The main job of this vaccine is to prevent serious illness or death – and I’m so glad (and grateful) I have it, otherwise I wouldn’t be feeling okay on day six,” she added.

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The Teen Idle singer also urged fans to get vaccinated as soon as possible. “PS get vaxxed as soon as you’re offered it. I would not want to go through an even worse version of the last week!” she wrote.

Who Was She Hanging Out With?

The singer is reportedly infected after attending a party. Several sources have also reported that other big stars from the music industry including Dua Lipa, Charli XCX, Phoebe Bridgers, and Tove Lo were also present at the same party.

Besides the group, Kim Petras and Caroline Polachek were also reported to be there. Reacting to this, netizens have largely condemned the celebrities for not practicing social distancing and for being out and about. Netizens have also made memes regarding this situation and called this group “Marina and the Variants” playing the name of Marina and the Diamonds.

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