Mark Ruffalo: Five Facts That You Didn’t Know About Him

Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo might play the Hulk on screen, but he is a total sweetheart in real life.

Mark might be one of the oldest Avengers and the most brutal one in that case, but if you scroll through his Instagram, you will definitely be confused on how contrary he is to his Avenger’s character.

Mark Ruffalo’s net worth might be over the roof, but his soul is more precious than that, and it deserves to be protected at all costs. On the actor’s 53rd birthday today, we bring to you some unknown facts about the talented actor.

Physical Inability

Mark Ruffalo lets nothing keep him from giving the best performance of his life. After his son was born, Mark found out that he had a type of brain tumor. Although it was benign, his face was paralyzed, and he lost his hearing ability in his left ear. His paralysis was healed after a year, but his hearing disability is there until today.


Russian Roulette

Mark’s brother Scott’s death is still an unsolved mystery

Mark’s brother Scott Ruffalo was shot in the center of his forehead and died one week later back in 2008. Later, a 26-year-old Saudi Princess came before the police and said what exactly happened. The princess was arrested at first and later released as the evidence confirmed her story.

According to the princess who witnessed the event, Scott was playing Russian Roulette and shot himself. The princess claimed that she had stopped by his apartment in Beverly Hills to get the keys to her Land Rover, which Scott had borrowed.


Rom-Com Hero

If you are an 80s child, you would know Mark Ruffalo very differently than the millennials. Mark Ruffalo didn’t exactly play the fiery beast before in his career. As far as we know, in his previous years of career, we remember Mark being a total drool-worthy rom-com hero.

Don’t believe me? Watch, 13 going on 30, Rumour has it, View from the Top, and most of his movies around 2004.



Mark Ruffalo at a climate change protest

Mark is not the regular give your voice when elections come and then go into hibernation guy. He is a real-time activist and has been voicing his concerns for non-eco-friendly stuff for a long time now.

He has spoken against Trump on many instances calling out his schemes and has raised awareness of polluted and depleted things around him. Just scroll through his Instagram account; you will find him raising awareness for so many things in that.


Twin Avenger

This fact might be known to ardent fans, but many don’t know this. Mark Ruffalo shares his birthday with fellow Avenger and on-screen love interest Scarlett Johansson. They both were born on November 22 but years apart.

The three-time Oscar-nominated actor is more than these facts. He is a beautiful human, one of the best actors we got and an Oscar-deserving actor. His recent Grammy award is just another feather on his hat.

We wish our incredible Hulk and sensational actor Mark Ruffalo a very Happy Birthday!

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