Chris Evans and Olympian Aly Raisman’s Dogs have a Playdate


The love for Chris Evans will never get old, but the love for his Dog Dodger keeps renewing to a higher level.

Dog Pals


Chris Evans and Olympian Aly Raisman got together this weekend for a playdate for their dogs, Dodger and Mylo. We have videos so stay tuned.

Chris Evans has previously admitted that the sole reason for his entry into Instagram is because he had nowhere to showcase his adorable BFF and his pics. Every now and then, the Marvel alum makes sure to treat the fans with his Dog’s pic or video.

Knives Out

Evans shared a video of him in his infamous Knives out cream cable sweater holding Mylo on his shoulder and patting him like a baby. But Aly Raisman shared videos of Dodger and Mylo playing, and that’s supposedly the best video on the internet today.

Evans is seen asking Dodger to be gentle because the pup is overexcited to have a canine companion so small for the first time. Mylo and Dodger are both rescue puppies, and they deserve the best and nothing else.


The Arrival

Evans adopted Dodger in 2015 while filming the Gifted, and Aly Raisman announced about Mylo’s arrival on Twitter on October 31, 2020.


Aly announced this January that she would not compete in the Tokyo Olympics, took to Twitter to share this great news with her fans. Mylo is a blue-eyed brown dog born on July 16, 2020, adopted by Aly from Heart of RI Shelter.

Bee on the Wall


Like me, most of you came to read to get a scoop on what is up with Chris Evans and if he has moved on from the Lily James debacle. But unfortunately, I was born a human and cannot be a Bee in the wall in his house and find out.

As of now, we have to be happy that Dodger has a playmate and be glad that Evans has a new canine pal to adore. Also, if you haven’t figured out already, Dodger comes first for Evans, and no woman can take that place. A testament to that is his name tattooed on his chest.


Will it help if I change my name to Dodger legally? Ah, quit judging me. I know you are on your way to see if there is an online form to do it.

Stay tuned for more adorable pictures of Evans’ dog, Dodger. If you haven’t started following us on Instagram and Facebook, I doubt about your commitment to be a Chris Evans fan.



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