Marvel Boss Disagreed With She-Hulk Writer Over Key Finale Idea


While She-Hulk: The Lawyer gave fans a small taste of four-wall meta-breaks in its first eight episodes, it served up a full buffet in its finale. The Disney series completed its first season to mostly positive reviews for its creative use of the Marvel Studios formula and unique take on the superhero genre. But the She-Hulk finale was a completely different animal, involving a truly memorable appearance and a nod to the audience.

Fans are still reeling from the events of She-Hulk’s last episode, which saw the character break out of her Disney confines and face K.E.V.I.N., the mastermind behind the MCU. Hal 9000 style A.I. was a riff on Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige finally helping Jen Walters fix the problems she saw in the finale. This was an unprecedented creative move by Marvel, and certainly took several iterations to fully execute. And as expected, Feige himself had notes about the joke at his expense.

Speaking on’s Phase Zero podcast, She-Hulk writer Jessica Gao revealed the feedback Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige received about K.E.V.I.N. episode of the season 1 final of the series. “We had to fight for the hat because the script says that She-Hulk enters the inner sanctum. There’s this big Akira-like Hal-9000 type AI machine and it’s KEVIN. And the script says, “And the machine wears a little black cap.” And the preview team started making fun of all kinds of versions of KEVIN. And they all had little black hats.”

However, when a Marvel Studios executive took notes on the scene, he disagreed with one key aspect of K.E.V.I.N.’s character. According to Feige, “it doesn’t make sense why a machine would do that. wear a baseball cap.”
Gao laughed at this. Feigen’s response, “Kevin, is that a logical problem you have with all of this?” The sequence where “She-Hulk breaks through the fourth wall [and] enters the real world ” there’s a “baseball cap on that machine.” that defies logic:
“And then the real Kevin says… you know, he took notes on what he liked and didn’t like. doesn’t like models, but then finally says, “You can’t… It doesn’t make sense why the machine is wearing a baseball cap.” I said, “Kevin, it’s a logical problem, what do you have all this? He-Hulk breaks the fourth wall, comes into the real world, breaks into Marvel, you’re a machine and… disbelief you can’t. . This machine has a baseball cap on it.” ” And he said: “Yes, I can’t. It doesn’t make sense. You can’t do that.'”


Kevin Feige, She-Hulk

That prompted the She-Hulk writer to threaten to quit, to which Feige half-jokingly replied, “We’re sorry to see you go.” Eventually, a compromise was reached, which resulted in. the baseball cap… — as machine that instead of the actual hat in the “[included] design”: “And I was so furious and it happened in a meeting with about 20 different people and I said, ‘Kevin, if you don’t “Don’t let me put the hat on this machine, I’ll quit.” And then Kevin says… “Thank you so much Jessica, you’ve done so much for us. We. will be sad to see you go.” (laughs) And then dear Jackson Sze, ever the go-getter and hard worker, gently suggested that they added something like a baseball cap to the design of the machine. And then Kevin said, “Oh, I’m fine with that. If it’s part of the machine, of course. That adds up.” So that was our compromise. And I didn’t have to give up the robot hat.”

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