Marvel’s What If? Fanart Puts Captain America in an Iron Man Suit

Set to release in a couple of years, the all-new What If…? is a Marvel series which will air on Disney Plus. The series aims to explore the alternate realities and scenarios in the amazing MCU.

This is also the very first Marvel show which will deploy a unique and distinct animation style.

The New Fanart:

The series already has many fans, one of which imagines a potential alternate reality in live-action.

The artist with the Instagram handle @christ­_ave41, made a new post with his take on Captain America. The art showed Steve Rogers/ Cap wearing an Iron Man suit.

New Possibilities:

We are already aware that What If…? will have our beloved Cap in one of the many kinds of Iron suit.

This Iron Man suit will also have a twist. The teaser footage of the series was recently screened at the 2019 Disney D23 Expo.

In the footage, we can see a pre-serum Steve Rogers taking flight. He is seen fighting along with Peggy Carter, in a retro type of Iron Man suit.

For the most part, we also know that the series will have an episode for every MCU movie. As a result, it is quite natural to expect Captain America in an armor belonging to Iron Man.

The Story of What If…?

According to reports, we can expect to see Killmonger return in What If…?, along with Thanos, the Hulk, and Thor.

In addition to them, other MCU characters like Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier and Loki, along with Nick Fury and Peggy Carter will also make a comeback.

Furthermore, the Black Panther, Nebula, Hawkeye, Ant-Man and Jane Foster, among others, will also join them.

Sources also suggest that the famous Westworld star Jeffrey Wright will give his voice to The Watcher, who will the narrator of the series.

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