Sony Says “Door Is Closed” on Spider-Man in the MCU


No More Hopes to Keep Up:

Fans of the Spider-Man franchise finally let go of their hopes of seeing Spidey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe again.

With high expectations of seeing their favorite superhero back into the world of Avengers, it seems audiences are out of luck.

Sony Pictures has finally broken its silence regarding the issue. And according to them, they will not be going any further with their Disney collaboration.

Sony’s Statements:

Tony Vinciquerra, the chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures, has made an official comment about the subject.

Attending the Variety Entertainment & Technology Summit, Vinciquerra reportedly said that the door for any kind of collaboration with Disney is a complete no-no for now.

In the meantime, he also made comments of no ill feelings between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures. And this, in particular, could give rise to possible collaborations in the future, if not now.

The Split and Its Reasons:

The deal, which is the reason for the split, allowed Spider-Man to co-exist with other Avengers in the MCU.

In addition to that, Spider-Man also got the opportunity to appear in the films by Marvel Studios. The split came just after the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

As a result of certain circumstances, Disney, the parent company of Marvel, wanted a higher stake in the box office revenue.

It is important to note that this stake wasn’t just for Far From Home, but for all future Spider-Man movies. Sony Pictures, on the other hand, did not agree to Disney’s demands and essentially rejected their proposal.

The Relation Between Sony and Marvel:

Both Kevin Feige and Tony Vinciquerra have had a good time working with each other, as per sources.

And both parties have been trying to find alternate ways for the deal to work out. But it seems that none of those worked out in the end, and the two companies are ultimately parting ways.

On the other hand, Vinciquerra is also of the opinion that Disney has its own talented people. So, it does not need Marvel’s help to do all the work.

Sony’s Future Plans:

Sony also has huge plans for the future. In addition to more Spider-Man movies, there is an upcoming sequel to Venom.

Moreover, it also has another five or six shows which will have their base on the world of Spider-Man.

As of now, Spidey has no determined future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, we will have to wait with bated breaths to see what new and exciting things Sony can produce for us.

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