Mieruko-chan Episode 9 Release Date And Expectations


Episode 8 was yet again another solid episode. On the one hand, there were some nice bits with Kyousuke getting some screen time as the siblings went shopping for their mother’s gift and it was also wholesome to see Gozuka make an appearance.

On the other hand, we had the return of the cat abuser, Zen Tono as Miko’s substitute homeroom teacher. How is she going to deal with this now, on top of everything else? Curious about Mieruko-chan Episode 9? Read on to find all the details we know about the upcoming episode!

Mieruko-chan Episode 9 Release Date

As per its weekly schedule, Mieruko-chan Episode 9 is scheduled to release on Sunday, November 28th, 2021.

Recap of Mieruko-chan Episode 8

Episode 8 begins with Miko and her brother Kyousuke shopping for a gift for their mother. Miko decides to try on the dress they picked out for their mother as Kyousuke says they have the same size anyway. In the fitting room, she sees a ghost but ignores it like usual.


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On their way back in the subway, a ghostly apparition appears and begins hitting people on the train with an axe. He seems to be searching for something or someone. Miko is terrified and wonders if she should run but then she looks at the situation logically and tells herself that nothing happened to the people who were axed. So she sits still.

When the axe spirit hits the woman sitting next to Miko, another ghost seems to emerge from the woman and the axe man captures it and puts it into a sack, like he’s performing an exorcism of sorts. Miko manages to act nonchalant when the axe man hits her too.

Next, we see her at school engaged in a conversation with Hana and their teacher, Miss Arai who is taking a leave as she’s pregnant with a child. Miko sees a cloudy entity hovering around her teacher, especially in the belly area.

Mieruko-chan Episode 9

She contemplates whether she should tell her teacher but concludes that there’s no way to possibly explain. So she settles on telling her teacher to be careful around stairs and to not lift heavy things. But turns out she has nothing to worry about since the cloudy entity is actually the spirit of her previous miscarriage.

On her way home, she wonders why she is able to see all these monsters and ghosts. She also wonders if she should just face them head on, like Yuria and the prayer beads old lady. But the moment she sees a monstrous figure near a vending machine, she puts the thought out of her mind. There’s no way to face something like that, she concludes.

At school the next day, after a conversation with Hana, Miko finally confirms that it would not be wise of her to confront them and decides that ignoring is the best. Then, the episode ends with Zen Tohno showing up as a substitute homeroom teacher for Miss Arai.


Miko sits in shock as she recognizes him as the cat abuser from earlier. We also get to see a wholesome scene with Gozuka, the misunderstood cat lover at the very end of the episode.

What Can We Expect From Mieruko-chan Episode 9? 

The title of the upcoming episode is “I’ve Seen That Before”. The narrator in the preview talks about how we all have people we don’t want to meet again ever yet we somehow end up meeting those people again. So, we can expect Episode 9 to show us what will happen next since Zen has appeared at Miko’s school.

Where to Watch Mieruko-chan Episode 9 Online? 

You can stream the series on sites such as Funimation. It is also available on Wakanim in Scandinavian countries. You can also watch the latest episodes on iQIYI and Muse Asia’s YouTube channel.

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