Mieruko-chan Episode 8: Release Date and Spoilers


The tunnel scene of Mieruko-chan’s previous episode was a horrifying one and from the looks of it, the intensity might escalate further. Since the release of the anime in October 2021, its popularity is growing, all thanks to its chilling plot with a dash of comical scenes. 

The anime is an adaptation of the manga series of the same name created by Tomoki Izumi. If you are wondering about the next episode’s release date and spoilers, then read further for we have gathered everything for you. 

Mieruko-chan Episode 8 Release Date

Episode 8 of Mieruko-chan is set to release on Sunday, 21st November, 2021. The episode is titled “Things That Can Be Seen”. As of now, this is the confirmed release date. If there are any delays or changes, we will update them on our website. 

Recap of Mieruko-chan Episode 7

Miko and Hana

Here’s what unfolded in the previous episode:


Read this: Mieruko-chan Episode 7 Release Date and Spoilers 

  • We witnessed Hana getting hyped up as usual and showing the picture they took at the shrine to Miko as it got many likes. However, still oblivious to the fact that she probably attracts ghosts and has been capturing monsters in her photos. 
  • At that moment, Yuria joined and offered to take them to beautiful spots so that Hana can exercise her photography skills well. But her real intention was to test if she’s a stronger psychic than Miko.
  • As they entered the ghosts filled tunnel, they came upon a dangerous monster who devoured all the smaller ghosts. However, the big monster is only visible to Miko which makes Yuria think that the disappearance of the small ghosts is a result of Miko’s exorcism skills. 
  • One intense moment that happened in episode 7 was when the monster tried to attack them, but the two spiritual entities came out of nowhere and protected them with their powers. 
  • While they were sitting on the bus on their way back home after all the dramas, Yuria thought to herself that Miko’s more powerful than her and that she’s no good compared to her. 
  • The episode ended with Yuria feeling bewildered as she saw the tiny ghost near Hana’s feet vanish when a yellow light emits from Hana’s body. 

Mieruko-chan Episode 8 Spoilers


No spoilers were released as it usually comes out one or two days before the scheduled release date. However, we can make some safe predictions about the upcoming episode based on how it was left off.

Miko is still wondering about the exact identity of the two spiritual entities who helped them and she might get more answers in episode 8. Yuria is also likely to discover new clues about Hana’s relation with otherworldly beings. 

Where to watch Mieruko-chan online?

Funimation and Muse Asia’s Youtube Channel are the sites available for streaming the episodes. Those in Scandinavian countries can watch the series on Wakanim



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