Huge Career Boost For Nanga Awasum After Gigi Hadid’s Viral Post

Model From Gigi Hadid’s Viral Post

Guess who was the lucky model from Gigi Hadid’s viral post on her Instagram story? It’s none other than the New York City-based model Nanga Awasum. This specific feature could also pave the way for Awasum’s future as well as her career as a model.

Don’t know the back story? We got you covered. On Thursday, Gigi Hadid was riding around NYC when she saw a woman walking on the street. Hadid then secretly took a picture of the woman and posted it on her Instagram story which has millions of followers.

Hadid captioned the photo and captioned it in a way she termed the woman her “inspiration of the day.” Netizens were quick to find out that Hadid’s inspiration was none other than model Nanga Awasum.

Model From Gigi Hadid’s Viral Post: Impacts 

Gigi Hadid’s viral photo soon drew major attention to the model. The photo helped her book new gigs and shows. This included a job with brands like Maybelline which even Hadid herself has worked for before. “My life completely changed overnight,” Awasum tweeted on her personal Twitter.

According to TMZ, Awasum is also offered a brand ambassador partnership with Nasty Gal. Speaking to media houses, the model also stated that a number of modelling agencies have reached out to her with offers after Hadid’s post. Folks from Twitter are also starting a petition to get her as the cast of the Gossip Girl reboot because she has tweeted before that she wanted to act on the reboot show.

This viral moment happened when Awasum was leaving a set after shooting. The model said that Hadid’s inspirational outfit was something that she didn’t even quite like herself at the start of the day.

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Awasum said that she heard about the news while she was shopping for a new outfit the same day. Other customers came up to her inside the store and told her that she was featured on Gigi Hadid’s Instagram story.

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