Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker Are Not Engaged. Here’s All We Know


After spending a weekend in Las Vegas together, Hollywood’s favorite couple Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, have got the whole Internet questioning the extent of their relationship. The couple has sparked a lot of engagement rumors, especially after their weekend getaway.

If you’re asking why netizens were so quick to assume that there was a ring on their weekend getaway, here’s why. Travis Barker’s daughter, Alabama, took to Instagram and posted a story of the couple. She captioned it, “So happy for you guys”.

Kourtney And Travis Barker in Disneyland

Alabama’s picture featured a happy and goofy smiling Travis and Kourtney. Fans then assumed that it was a congratulations post for the couple’s engagement. Later, Kourtney herself posted a picture of herself with a ring in her right hand. She also posted a picture of herself and Travis and captioned it, “What happens in Vegas”.


Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker Engagement Rumors

Despite all the hints, the assumptions, and the rumors, we’re here to bring you the news that Kourtney and Travis are not yet putting a ring to their relationship. It’s questionable why Alabama posted that specific picture and captioned it that way and it’s hard to understand why exactly Kourtney decided to post a picture of a ring.

Kourtney and Travis in LA

However, sources close to the couple have revealed that although the couple is happy and content with each other, they’re not yet taking the next step. The rapper is close with Kourtney’s kids and even played a huge role in Penelope’s recent birthday. Kourtney and Alabama also seem to have a great relationship.

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But insiders have spilled that despite their road trips, their visits to Disneyland, their constant PDA pictures flooding the internet, and their sweet studio sessions, they’ve decided to not yet get engaged or married for the time being.

Insiders have said that both Kourtney and Travis are happy where their relationship is right now. Even though they enjoy each other’s company and are very close to each other now, they would like to take things slow and not rush it. Therefore, this makes it clear that fans will have to pause their engagement celebrations for the time being.

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