The Surprise Connection Morbius Has To Spider-Man Movies


The First Morbius Trailer:

Morbius Trailer

The very first Morbius Trailer is now out for the world to see. And with its release, it brings to light the subject we have all wondered about for some time now. The subject here is, how, if at all, will the Sony-Marvel film adaptation of Morbius will connect to the Marvel Spider-Man Movies. While Jared Leto’s blood-sucking protagonist is a fan of science gone wrong. However, this new addition to the studio’s comic canon leans a little more to Venom than the web-slinger.

The answer to our confusion lies in the first Morbius Trailer itself. The trailer has a pretty big clue at the end of its first look. All of it points to an MCU villain who we haven’t seen since Spider-Man: Homecoming.


The Potential Connection Between Morbius trailer And Spider-Man:

Morbius Trailer 2

This is a move that has shocked pretty much everyone. At the very end of the Morbius Trailer, we see Michael Keaton talking to Dr. Morbius in an alleyway. Therefore, judging by the looks, Keaton could return to movie screens as Adrian “Vulture” Toomes. The keyword here is “could”, because the first look does not show a lot of contexts. Moreover, since nothing is confirmed by the studio as of now, anything could happen.

Why Would Morbius Bring Back Adrian Toomes?

Let us break down the Morbius Trailer here. In saying so, there is one question that comes up. Why would director Daniel Espinosa’s film want to bring back Adrian Toomes? The answer is quite simple. Bringing Toomes back serves as a bridge between Spider-Man and this particular Sony property. It also links to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We last saw Keaton’s character go to jail for his illegal salvage operation in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Therefore, there has to be some event that brings him back to the forefront, more so if the Vulture ever flies again. So, if Toomes is in Morbius, he has probably busted out of prison. He could have done it with Mac “Scorpion” Gargan. Moreover, there are chances that he has started to put together The Sinister Six. As of now, it is still a big “if” to that. However, we need more details about that.

Could Michael Keaton Have A New Character In Morbius?

Going by the Morbius Trailer, there are chances that Michael Keaton could come back to MCU as a new character who we don’t know of. The exact context of the meeting between Dr. Michael Morbius and Keaton’s character is undefined for now.

Regardless, we don’t think Michael Keaton will come back to Marvel to play just any random character at this point. Therefore, it is best if we wait until Marvel confirms that Adrian Toomes has broken out of prison. We also have a good feeling that the person who Morbius’ antihero ran into the alley is, in fact, The Vulture.

What Kind Of A Role Will Adrian Toomes Play In Morbius?

Let’s just say that Adrian Toomes is coming back. So, the next question is how much of Michael Keaton can we expect to see in Morbius? The Morbius Trailer does not explain that, obviously. But we have our theories. The film has a great star cast. It includes Jared Harris, Matt Smith, Adria Arjona, and Tyrese Gibson. So, there is quite a bit of star power here. This brings us back to the fact that we’re expecting Toomes to be the character in question that shows up in Morbius.

If he himself busted out of prison, then there’s a good chance that Keaton will be back in a cameo. Come to think of it, there’s a great chance that this teaser was the mid-credit stinger that sets up a connection between Morbius and the MCU. If that’s the case, this gives us another beacon of hope.

So, Could Morbius Finally Bring Venom Into The MCU?

The biggest question fans have after the release of the Morbius Trailer is regarding Venom, and his entry into the MCU. It is quite evident that Morbius is a Spider-Man adjacent character, almost like Eddie Brock was in the comics. Therefore, if Morbius can hook up with the MCU version of Spidey, what’s the guarantee that Venom and other Spider-related characters in Sony can’t do the same?

Sony, as well as Marvel, have confirmed that there will be a bridge between both the worlds in the next few months. Moreover, if the deal between the two studios never went through, Peter Parker would have definitely run into either of these horror-laced comic leads at some point in time.

In regards to this, Adrian Toomes is seemingly the perfect key to unlocking the shared universe of Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios. The moment from the Morbius Trailer is one where the MCU and Sony Spider-verse merge into togetherness. However, all of it will remain hanging on a scale, until there is a confirmation or denial of Adrian Toomes in Morbius.

In the meantime, the general first look after the Morbius Trailer release is dark and disturbing. Moreover, it will frighten as well as dazzle the audience. Morbius hits theatres on July 31, 2020.

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