Tom Holland Rumoured For Potential Spider-Man Cameo in Venom 2

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Rumours Of A Spider-Man Cameo In Venom 2:


The upcoming Venom 2 movie by Sony Pictures may have a Spider-Man Cameo. This is because MCU Actor Tom Holland is rumored to be in talks to appear as Peter Parker in the film. Sony has currently been working its way to building up its own slate of comic book movies.

One of these plans includes sharing Spidey with Marvel Studios. By doing so, it allows the Disney-owned studio to introduce Peter Parker to the MCU. Sony has also been developing Spider-Man adjacent Marvel movies, such as Venom.

The Venom Sequel

Venom hit theatres in 2018 and received mixed reviews by critics. However, it found itself a completely different fan base of its own. Subsequently, Venom became a box office success, with a total earning of $856 million globally. And soon after, Venom 2 was announced.

In the film, we would see Tom Hardy reprise his role as Eddie Brock. Furthermore, Andy Serkis would direct the film, which started filming in November this year. The movie is presumably aiming for a release in October 2020.

News Reports About The Venom Sequel:

New reports about the movie suggest that it will have a Spider-Man Cameo. However, negotiations are still going on about it. Furthermore, there are sources which state that it is unclear if Actor Tom Holland would portray his MCU Spider-Man or have a different version of his character. Some reports also suggest that Holland has been in talks for a Spider-Man Cameo. This is because it is a part of the deal that Sony and Marvel struck to keep Spidey in the MCU.

As for us, this news isn’t too big of a surprise. This is especially considering that Sony has, on former occasions, tried to get Spidey in the first Venom movie. Moreover, rumors of Holland filming a Spider-Man Cameo has surfaced previously as well.

If Holland does have a cameo in Venom 2, considering he only appears as Peter Parker, it will effectively confirm that the universes are somehow connected. If Marvel really wants to keep the worlds different, though, the studios may establish that Venom takes place in a different universe within the multiverse.

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Other Possibilities of Spider-Man Cameo

Perhaps a multiverse adventure for Holland’s Spider-Man is exactly what the two studios have in mind going forward. After all, there are rumors that Feige wants Spidey to exit from the MCU. And he wishes to do so with the upcoming solo film Spider-Man: Homecoming 3. Therefore, if Holland’s Peter Parker travels to another universe within the multiverse, it would explain him jumping to a Sony-only franchise. Ultimately, he would cross over with Venom and leave the MCU in a sensible way.

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