Most Trustworthy Anime Characters, Ranked

Most people view being trustworthy as one of the best values possible. It distinguishes a reliable anime character from a flaky one, which can mean the difference between life and death in the perilous world of anime. Here is everything you need to know about the most trustworthy anime characters.

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Killua: Hunter X HunterKillua: Most Trustworthy Anime Characters

In general, Killua was the best friend anyone could ask for in Hunter X Hunter. He stayed by Gon’s side throughout his dangerous adventures in the NGL all so he could help him find his father. The young boy even broke his sibling out of the Zoldyck residence to restore Gon from the brink of death.

His trustworthiness even extends beyond his friend group since he obeyed the rules of the Hunter Exam and Heaven’s Arena to the best of his ability even when he didn’t have to. Despite Killua’s overall trustworthiness, he wasn’t perfect, though. He has a trigger that can turn him into a murderous assassin. To his credit, this wasn’t his fault; it resulted from prior abuses by his brother, Ilumi.

Captain Obi: Fire ForceCaptain Obi

Captain Obi was the most trustworthy leader in Fire Force. Despite facing off against Infernals, the White-Clad, and occasionally even other companies, he never went back on his principles or gave his followers reason to doubt his judgment.

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Better still, Obi had the wisdom to demonstrate his trust in people who probably didn’t deserve it. Lisa and Shinra are both excellent examples of this due to their connections with the Evangelist. His willingness to put his faith in them made it easier for them to reciprocate and honor their pact. His judgment and trusting nature won over powerful allies to assist against the White-Clad’s forces.

Luffy: One PieceLuffy

Luffy was unquestionably the most trustworthy character in One Piece. He went above and beyond for the friends he made, doing things like fighting an entire army for Sanji and promising to defeat Kaido for Tama.

Luffy’s only deficit is in his intelligence. Luffy doesn’t always make good decisions in the process of honoring his word. For example, Luffy attacked Zoro at Whisky Peak because he thought the swordsman betrayed the locals for no reason. In reality, they were trying to kill the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy’s heart is trustworthy, even if his decisions can be questionable.

Bartra: Seven Deadly SinsBartra: Most Trustworthy Anime Characters

Bartra was the king of Liones in Seven Deadly Sins. A just and fair man, he helped restore the Sins’ image after they were falsely accused of betraying the land. In general, Bartra was an asset to the heroes who helped mobilize Britannia’s forces on their behalf. However, he did not always return their aid.

For example, Bartra didn’t want Elizabeth to join Meliodas on their adventures and would have stopped them if she hadn’t simply run away on the back of the Boar’s Hat. To Bartra’s credit, he never promised Meliodas to let her join him after the demons were defeated. Despite being weaker than the demons, he heroically led the Holy Knights against them during multiple invasions of Britannia even when the Sins were preoccupied. Courage and integrity are worth trusting.

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Mikasa: Attack On TitanMikasa

Were it not for Mikasa, Attack On Titan‘s Eren Yeager would have died dozens of times over. She was equally dedicated to the people of Paradis and even saved a crowd of people from a corrupt merchant during the titan attack on Trost. By doing so, Mikasa gained the public’s confidence since they knew she would place their interests before her superiors’.

Additionally, Mikasa always honored her word. She remained a trustworthy ally to the Scouts throughout the entire series. Whether they fought against the Warriors or Eren himself, Mikasa’s conscience made her a dependable soldier.

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