The 5 Best Shonen Protagonists of All Time!

Best Shonen Protagonists

Here is a list of the very 5 best protagonists of the Shonen anime. These are characters that have heartfelt backstories, true determination, and a heroic spirit that never dies. They lead their companions on a journey of self-discovery and face off against the worst evil that their world has to offer.

Monkey D Luffy – One PieceMonkey D Luffy: Best Shonen Protagonists

When it comes to famous Shonen protagonists, One-Piece’s Luffy is usually one of the first on everyone’s list. Luffy is strong and compassionate. He works hard for his goals while also taking the time to help his crew and friends achieve theirs.

Luffy has a sunny disposition and charming personality, which make even his enemies cheer him on. He is truly a spectacular protagonist, and his mischievous grin always means that there are fun times ahead.

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Naruto Uzumaki – Narutonaruto uzumaki: Best Shonen Protagonists

In his entire life, he was Underestimated and rejected. He still works hard to overcome all obstacles that stand in his way and to protect his friends and village. From the village pariah to the most beloved and respected figurehead. Naruto never stops working towards his goals and protecting others, even those that treated him harshly.

Ichigo Kurosaki – BleachIchigo Kurosaki

Ichigo from Bleach truly lives an interesting life. Starting as a simple, kind-hearted teenager with a rough exterior, who can see ghosts. He soon plummets headfirst into the supernatural, uncovering his secret heritage.

Ichigo is intelligent, caring, and loyal to his family and friends. He has to work hard to succeed, and he isn’t afraid to sacrifice himself if it will save someone else.

Gintoki Sakata – GintamaGintoki Sakata: Best Shonen Protagonists

Gintama has been through a lot and has quite a history of trauma. However, his parody-like manners and anti-hero antics bring a source of humor to the dark tale. He is a powerful; even sadistic character, but he is self-aware.

Often going out of his way to avoid drawing his sword if it can be helped. In situations where that isn’t possible, he quickly shows why he is a big bad that is better left to his more peaceful endeavors.

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Izuku Midoriya – My Hero AcademiaIzuku Midoriya

With the My Hero Academia live-action movies currently in the making, fans are excited to see this hero make his debut in the living flesh. Born an ordinary boy with dreams of heroism and bravery. From the very beginning, he was bullied and told his dreams are beyond his reach.

Naruto struggles and trains more than any of his peers even after being gifted his power. But he learns to harness and control the immense power inside.

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