My Hero Academia Chapter 334 Release Date and Spoilers!

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The epic battle between Star and Stripe and Tomura continues, with us seeing the latter get overwhelmed by the former. She gets her quirk stolen and almost died. However, is there any possibility that Star and Stripe will bounce back from the bottom? 

To find out more about My Hero Academia Chapter 334, read further. 

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My Hero Academia Chapter 334 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 334 will be getting released on the 21st of November 2021. You can read it from Viz Media and Manga Plus

My Hero Academia Chapter 333 Recap

We assumed Tomura Shigaraki was defeated after a tremendous explosion. However, their attacks have wiped out Nomu instead of Tomura. 

They discover that Tomura used the Nomu as bait and swam to the surface of the ocean. Endeavor in Japan witnessed the explosion and was perplexed as to what was going on. Tomura was well aware of how New Order and Rule 2 suffered from various limitations and was prepared to use it in battle against her.

All Might and Star and Stripe
All Might and Star and Stripe

All For One is altering things in this battle because he wants to achieve extraordinary things. Tomura is well aware of this, but he is attempting to break free. Star is ready for another battle after assessing accurately that Tomura won’t die any time soon.

Tomura Shigaraki expresses his desire to steal Quirk: New Order. All For One seized the New Order by covering Star’s face with his hand while squeezing her face. 

Recognizing her jeopardy and threat to life, she creates another Oder, thereby summoning “Kathleen Bate” to save herself from becoming ash. All For One notices Star’s realisation that she has two choices: save her Quirk or save her body. 


Despite losing her Quirk, Star chose to safeguard her body. Tomura and Star appeared in the vestige world. But his body explodes, and Star’s Quirk receives a direct Orde: “The New Order will revolt against other Quirks.”

My Hero Academia Chapter 334 Spoilers

The final battle between Tomura Shigaraki and Star and Stripe will be fully revealed in My Hero Academia Chapter 334. We’ll be seeing Tomura exert all of his might to subdue Star and Stripe and things don’t appear to be going well for our protagonist. 

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