My Hero Academia Episode 105 Leaks And Preview!!

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Here are the leaks for My Hero Academia Episode 105. The Episode is titled “The Hellish Todoroki Family”.

In Episode 103,  Endeavor begins to understand Hawks’ message. He now knows that the Hero Public Safety Commission is ensuring that all Heroes are ready for the attack of Tomura.

Endeavor also accepts Bakugo, Izuku, and Shoto as his students. Shoto wants to master the use of his Hellfire. Bakugo wants to learn what he cannot do with his quirk. Izuku wants to learn how to concentrate his powers effectively.

Endeavor also sets a goal for the interns: they need to catch a villain faster than him before the internship ends.

In Episode 104, Tsuyu and Ochako begin their internship at Ryukyu’s agency along with Nejire. The Oki Mariner Crew asks the Ryukyu agency for help in tracking smugglers. The smugglers are transporting an illegal substance called ‘trigger’.

At night, the smugglers attempt to escape. However, they are intercepted by Selkie and Asui. They, however, escape and take the cargo via a cargo plane. Selkie fires a harpoon and Uraraka uses her new suit to board the plane.

She manages to defeat the smuggler and takes the help of Ryukyu and Nejire to land the plane. Afterward, Selkie and Ryukyu find out that the cargo was to reach Europe. Elsewhere, a man hears about the incident and says everything is fine.

My Hero Academia Episode 105 will cover:

  • Dinner at Todoroki Residence: The trio are invited to a dinner at Endeavors house
  • Izuku and Bakugo realize the tensions in the Todoroki household
  • Shoto also has an older brother named Toya Todoroki
  • Ending, a villain who Endeavor arrested plots to kidnap Natsuo

Episode 104 is a tie in episode for the new My Hero Academia Movie.

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