Was Yelena Belova Snapped In Infinity War End?

Was Yelena Belova Snapped In Infinity War End?

Yelena Belova came, and she conquered. Fans don’t even mind if she will become a world-class criminal and take down the good guys because they are in love with her.

Her cuteness, her every element, was so vital in the Black Widow movie that without it, the film is said to be far worse than critics already call it.

Black Widow did not meet fans’ expectations. Well, fans got Loki, WandaVision, Falcon, and the Winter Soldier, which crossed many expectations and records—after that, looking at Black Widow just seemed so simple.

While we understand Black Widow now better, many most awaited answers from the movie ended up being something very basic that fans did not like.

Now, the most curious part of Black Widow was the post-credit scene. We have no idea since when Val has got Yelena doing her dirty work, but it looks like it has been long.

Was Yelena Belova Snapped In Infinity War End?

Was Yelena snapped during Thanos snap?

Well, the theory is that it has an equal chance to be both. So, while some argue she wasn’t, some argue that she was.

The only person who Natasha loves more than anything is Yelena. So, that explains the reason why she took the jump.

She would do anything to make sure Yelena gets to live. She doesn’t show it much, but Yelena means a lot to her, and she is the only family she would protect by sacrificing herself.

Was Yelena Belova Snapped In Infinity War End?

The others did end up being good by the end, but her bond with Yelena is different. So, it makes more sense that she was snapped, and Natasha made the sacrifice thinking about her.

Hawkeye is said to come soon, and we will be getting to know what happened in the years after the Black Widow movie took place.

Now that she is hunting Hawkeye, we are sure to get a proper answer.

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