Naruto: The First Encounter With Sensei Kakashi


The well-known anime-Naruto has kept its audience hooked from the very first episode. As the story proceeds, the fans fall for the crazy and fun-loving protagonist Naruto Uzumaki.

To our surprise, the relation between Naruto and his sensei Kakashi is more fancied. Being a Jinchūriki, he was raised all alone. This justifies his mischievous actions whether painting the great Hokage’s figure or performing the sexy Jutsu.
At times he felt lonely, left with only ramen and milk, mostly expired.
However, he got to learn perseverance and determination to achieve his goals, once he made it into Team 7 led by sensei Kakashi. It was then his journey to be the greatest Hokage of all times began.
Can you recall Naruto’s first encounter with Kakashi?


The day Naruto had his first lesson beside Sasuke and Sakura, they were waiting at the academy. The join was unexpectedly late, and as a punishment, Naruto had some prank in mind. He decides to put a chalkboard eraser in the door opening to have it fall on his sensei when he enters the room.
Criticizing his attempt to pull a prank, Sasuke points out that an elite ninja would never fall for something silly like that. And Sakura, as she is, agrees with him.
But to everyone’s surprise, Kakashi fell for it. Naruto was amused, and so was Sakura. The elite ninja ridiculed them by calling them “idiots,” much to their dismay.
Thus, Naruto failed to give a positive first impression, and so does his allies, Sakura and Sasuke.
Unaffected by this incident, the sensei later asks the team to introduce themselves.
Naruto says one day he wants to be Hokage, Sakura blushes and looks at Sasuke. Sasuke says his goal is to kill a certain person.

The survival-test for Team 7


He informs them about the forthcoming survival test, that will determine which of the 27 graduates will be sent back to the academy. He dismissed the class by instructing the team to skip breakfast or else they would puke. Wondering why? Well, this was his way of taking the task to a level of difficulty.
The team’s relation with their sensei gets more enjoyable as the story continues. But we can’t miss their initial encounters and banters.
Naruto is a knucklehead yet a chivalrous ninja of his age. This heartfelt manga has dedicated fans. And we can’t imagine Naruto any other way but his charming and prankster self.

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