Naruto: Why was Kakashi Sensei Always Late?


What amazes me and the fans the most is how funny Naruto anime can sometimes be. Even when a war is going on or while fighting a snake-like Orochimaru, there are still jokes made by our knuckleheaded Ninja, Naruto.


Kakashi and Team 7

Kakashi did start as one of the series’s serious characters; he gave a task to team seven that was almost impossible to crack. But as the series went by, Kakashi never changed, but his actual character started to come out.

He made Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura, his family and made sure all three are cared for. Even though he was their sensei, he was always laid back, cool, and not ready to yell out everything he has done, like Guy.


Worst sensei in terms of punctuality


While he was this cool guy most of the time, he made a lousy sensei in terms of punctuality. He was always late, no matter what event it is. From appearing late for the Chunnin exams with Sasuke to coming late for ninja missions, there is no time on Earth that he came soon.

But the excuses he gives for them are sometimes hilarious that makes us wanna think that the copycat ninja is hilarious always but is lazy to tell the joke out. Truth be told, he is half Shkimaru in terms of laziness and half Sasuke in terms of coolness.


Infamous Excuses!

Some of his famous excuses include, ‘I got lost on the path of life,’ ‘I got trapped in Narnia,’ ‘Spider-Man needed my help.’ There were more excuses, and each time, he came up with a different one.

While Sakura and Naruto were always boiling with anger with Kakashi’s tardiness, Sasuke never seemed to mind. But the answers Kakashi gave was never accepted by Naruto and Sakura; they simply let it go.

The best one to date is, “Iruka wanted to know how I was, & we ended up making out.”

While sometimes, his answers were, “I felt like it! Is that so hard! I felt like being late! You got a problem with that?!” and  ‘I just am…’,  we know why he is actually late.


Emotional Kakashi


Maybe sometimes the excuses he gave might have been true in rare cases, but the truth is Kakashi always went to the shrine of the Leaf village’s fallen heroes and to pay his respect.

Kakashi was never one to express his emotions even when a person like Guy keeps annoying him (btw, we love Guy). Kakashi is lazy but is also a deeply emotional one with just the cool guy act of his.

Maybe one fine day, we will discover the myth that is Kakashi Hatake!

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