Naruto to die in Boruto: Naruto Next Generation


The bad news is about to hit the ardent fans of the Naruto and Boruto anime series. If you don’t like spoilers, then don’t read beyond this point. Okay, after you read, don’t blame me.

Family before Hokage

Naruto is tired of seeing Sasuke and Boruto’s plans and defense all go to waste. No matter how much being a Hokage is important for Naruto, there is no way it comes before his son, Boruto.

Man, what happened to just watching Naruto grow in his might and techniques and defeat all his enemies. Why does it have to come to this? But if you have been watching Naruto for a long time, then you know there is nothing more satisfying to him than knowing he could do something to protect his people.

Naruto to Bid Adieu?


After all these years, is Naruto leaving us? Maybe this an end to the most adored anime hero or just another cliffhanger the writers want you to hold on to?

Despite Boruto‘s excellent plans and ideas, it looks like nothing can even amount to touch Isshiki. Even after dropping some mysterious black boxes in the secret dimension, which has caused the Konoha Ninjas to weaken, Naruto, with his once enemy’s help, is still as powerful as he was.

Man with a Plan

Boruto, Sasuke, and no one else could even stand to the level of Isshiki. It is like there is nothing they can do to change his mind about not fulfilling his clans’ order. Naruto is done seeing his son and the people he loves to go through this.

Sadly every plan that Naruto has looks nothing before Isshiki, and so the beast from within decides to open its mouth to reveal something more heartbreaking than seeing a drained-up Boruto.

Deal from the Devil


Kurama, the beast, finally lets him on the secret that he can defeat Isshiki but with a significant toll. Kurama suggests that he can pent up every power he has and can help Naruto, but that will be the one last time he or Kurama will stand against anyone.

After warning Naruto that he will die once he uses the last power, Kurama also knew which option Naruto will choose. He might have become friends with Naruto later in life, but the beast has been in him long enough to know that Naruto will do anything to save his people and activates the new mode after Naruto asks him to.

A heavy price, paid?

The 51st chapter ends with Naruto unleashing his new form. Everyone, including Isshiki, Sasuke, and Boruto, are shocked to see Naruto become one with the beast.

The tails join together and become a cloak, and horns grow up. Isshiki is petrified, but no one knows Naruto‘s sacrifice to use this form. According to some fans, it looks like Naruto‘s Sage Mode on its full level combined with Kurama‘s full potential.

This might be something for the fans to geek upon, given this is one of the most potent forms ever taken by anyone. But given its price, will they be thrilled? Or maybe they have a loophole to the power? Some manga reader says that in the roughly translated version it says Kawaki killed Naruto, so maybe Naruto will survive this after all!


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