A show which dominated other shows in our childhood

Pokémon is one of the most anticipated animated series with its blockbuster animated shows and its really cool video games. This is a show that had an impact on everyone’s childhood.

Are the Pokémon for real?

Each and every fan of this show in their childhood have surely dreamt to have one or more Pokémon for real. But the question is are these creatures for real?
The simple answer is no. These creatures drive their origin from the bugs in reality. The creator of Pokémon Satoshi Tajiri was actually fascinated with bugs and used to collect them as a hobby. But there is no place on Earth where there are some creatures who have the abilities which Pokémon possess except for eel and some deep-sea creatures which are able to produce electricity or light.


But Yaa, if we consider that Pokémons were a reality, then this world would have been more exciting which would be filled with even more mysteries, people would have an enthusiasm never seen before to beat the ultimate test and become the Pokémon master just like our hero Ash does.

The little hero of the franchise

Ash went on his adventure to be the best but he was never alone. Our little hero Pikachu accompanied him on his every journey. The impact that Pikachu put on everybody can not be described in words. We can just thank Ash to wake up late that morning due to which he got Pikachu as his starter Pokemon. But Yes, if not Pikachu, I personally feel that Eevee would be an obvious option for Ash though it was not on the list.


Eevee is an obvious candidate for many reasons!

  1. It is a Gen 1 Pokémon, just like Pikachu.
  2. It is a gender-neutral Pokémon.
  3. Out of all the Pokémon, Eevee is the only one with more than three total evolution options, Eevee has eight, to be specific.
  4. Eevee has a name that is easy to remember, like Pikachu. A mascot should have a name that is easy to pronounce and remember.
  5. It is cute, but also tough. Eevee has a Z-move all to itself, for crying out loud, and a game, *cough* Pokémon Let´s Go, Eevee! *cough*
  6. You can obtain it in just about any game.eevee-eight-evolution-pokemon

Which Pokemon is the best?

This is a question that revolves in the mind of every Pokefan. But to be honest, this actually depends from person to person and also on a certain Pokemon’s stats in general, and the best are mostly legendary anime. If you want an all-rounded fighter that can support every Pokemon, Arceus is the best. It has the same stat number for every stat of 120, and thanks to its Multitype ability, wide move pool, and signature move Judgement, type advantages are pretty much useless.


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