NASA Really Considered Spider-Man To Be An Astronaut

Spider-Man Far From Home

Spider-Man has never had much luck holding down a job. But believe it or not, NASA considered him as a potential astronaut in the comics!

NASA actually wanted to hire Spider-Man as an astronaut. His life changed when Peter Parker was just a teenager and was bitten by a radioactive spider; And since then, they’ve been struggling to meet the ends. For a long time, he made money by selling photos of his superhero adventures.


Peter Parker always tries to live up to his famous maxim; “With great power comes great responsibility.” He cannot resist dropping everything at the first sign of danger, whether it involves a potent villain, a fraudster, or just an underlying accident. His powers often feel like a curse. Ironically, at the beginning of his career, he almost earned the coolest job he could imagine. Spider-Man actually came to NASA’s attention.

NASA was particularly impressed when Spidey saved the life of Jonah Jameson’s son John Jameson. In Kurt Busick’s Untold Tales of Spider-Man # 4, John went to New York to judge whether or not Spider-Man was a good astronaut. His reflexes, strength and agility all make him an ideal candidate. He can perform better than any ordinary, traditional astronaut.


NASA believed that Spider-Man had shown enough courage, but ironically, they read over his character completely wrong. John spent a good deal of time imagining being a Spider-Man, and he concluded that he was an independent, confident man with a good social network and a lot of friends who knew his secret identity. He couldn’t have been more wrong as at the time, Peter Parker was just a teenager at school, plagued by bullies, and was still living with his beloved Aunt May.

In the end, NASA decided that Spider-Man was not the right candidate. One of their main goals was to research the impact of space travel on humans and realized that any data they received from Spider-Man would not apply to anyone else. As a result, John Jameson ended his mission.

Spider-Man did not know that NASA considered him a potential astronaut. Presumably, someday, NASA will reveal it to the public when they publish batches of files, and Spider-Man will laugh with amusement – or perhaps imagine how different his life could have been.

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