New project for ‘Hunter x Hunter’?

The recent posts from Mariya Ise and Megumi Han has made Hunter x Hunter fans think that there is a new project on the way.

The interaction happened on Twitter, between two well-known voice actresses which has sparked speculation that something related to Hunter x Hunter is on the way. What is it about? It is not entirely clear, but it all started with a tweet published by Mariya Ise, who plays Killua Zoldyck, one of the main characters in the series. She says she is participating in “certain work.”

In addition, she ran into her “partner”, while returning from the recording studio. These words were accompanied by a mosaic image, as she cannot yet tell what she is working on. But from the colors, it seems that they are about Killua and Gon Freecss. Later, Megumi Han , who lends her voice to Gon, posted on social media saying something similar—and participating in what appears to be the same project.

In addition, she stressed that this is related to her “origin”. Here it should be noted that one of Han’s earliest voice acting jobs was playing Gon in the 2011 Madhouse anime.

It was later that her colleague, Ise, quoted Han’s tweet with— “Fufufu, fufufu”. That makes some think that it could be a new Hunter x Hunter anime.

In these, Mariya Ise and Megumi Han mentioned that their work has to do with something that “is played”, not that it is “watched” . So a second option is that it could be a video game, which has yet to be announced. It could be something developed for mobiles, as they have a huge presence in the Japanese market. A video game for consoles also cannot be ruled out. This franchise lends itself well enough for an action title.

Will the Hunter x Hunter manga one day end?

Of course, a Hunter x Hunter anime is something that cannot be completely ruled out. Yoshihiro Togashi is currently on hiatus, and it is not known when the manga will resume. We don’t think fans are expecting a reboot of the animated adaptation. It remains to be seen if new details will be revealed in the coming days and weeks.


Gon Freecss is a 12 year old boy who, upon discovering that his father did not die, wants to find him at all costs. To discover his father’s whereabouts, Gon decides to become a hunter like him. As the story progresses, Gon befriends three other would-be hunters: Leorio, Kurapika and Killua. They will accompany our protagonist through a series of challenges to test skills, survival and teamwork.

The 1998 Shueisha manga inspired a first 62-episode anime adaptation produced by Nippon Animation Studios under the direction of Kazuhiro Furuhashi and scripts written by Nobuaki Kishima, released in October 1999. Subsequently, a second 148-episode anime adaptation produced by Madhouse Studios, directed by Hiroshi Koujina and screenplays written by Atsushi Maekawa and Tsutomu Kamishiro, premiered in October 2011.

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