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One Piece: 5 Best Life Lessons The Anime Teaches

one piece life lessons

One Piece hosts many rich themes, and lessons we can learn from. Here are the 5 best lessons anime teaches.

There Should Be No Tolerance For DiscriminationOne Piece life lessons

One of the most heartbreaking moments in the Fishman Island storyline is the loss of the Fisher Tiger. His reputation among the fish people was high, and despite his history of slavery, he still cared about the welfare of human beings.

Toward the end of the season, a Marine squad shot Fisher Tiger to death and wouldn’t let him have any blood transfusions. He died hoping that one day people will stop treating fishermen unfairly. And because of Luffy’s kindness, his desire came true.

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Don’t Be Scared To Go Up Against Bigger Opponents

Indeed, Luffy has his flaws. His friends may be annoyed or even put at risk by his cockiness, recklessness, and hotheadedness, but he is not the kind to give in to those who would do him damage. He’s living proof that it’s worth it to defend yourself no matter how vicious your opponent is.

Luffy confronted Arlong to defend Nami, fought a heavenly dragon to revenge Hatchan, and even confronted Big Mama to regain custody of Sanji. As a monarch to his subjects, Luffy never bows to authority and does everything it takes to see that the bad guy gets what’s coming to them.

Just Be Who You Areone piece life lessons

The struggle to remain forever oneself in spite of pressure is a problem that many individuals struggle with daily. Ivankov, with his magnetic presence and magnetic personality, is the perfect embodiment of this message.

Ivankov never allowed the negative comments of others or his own lack of confidence to deter him or his fellow activists. After the event with Sabaody, he was ready to instruct Sanji, which speaks volumes about the sort of pirate he is. Everyone may take away from him the importance of being at peace with who they are and what they stand for.

Consider Your Blessings Instead Of Your Misfortunes

It’s tough to move on after losing a loved one. And it’s much more difficult when the death was unexpected and quick. Many disasters occurred before Luffy’s eyes. He always feels helpless, empty, and terrified.

As a result of Ace’s demise, his grief was difficult to see. Luffy’s new friend Jinbe told him that his former followers still looked to him for guidance. Fans were moved by Jinbe and Luffy’s conversation, in which Luffy learned to keep battling despite suffering a devastating loss.

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Starting Is The Most Crucial Part In Achieving A GoalStarting Is The Most Crucial Part In Achieving A Goal

The most valuable lesson of this anime is that your starting point is irrelevant to your opponent. The most essential thing is to get started, regardless of how little or how suddenly the objective is announced. A person’s desire may be the grandest and most motivating one.

Yet it would be useless if they never took the very first move toward achieving it. In fact, Just getting up in the morning is a huge accomplishment sometimes. At other times, it’s enlisting new members for the purpose of expanding one’s crew and ultimately becoming the King of the pirates. A person’s progress toward their objective will not be aided by their use of procrastination or justifications.

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