One Piece Chapter 1023 Spoilers and Raw Scans

Luffy And Zoro

The previous One Piece chapter covered a lot of important plotholes. The entire manga is heading towards an epic outcome as everyone is fighting to either defend their posts or enact Luffy as the new Pirate King.

Black Maria and Robin also had an enormous fight with Robin defeating the former. Sanji and Zoro are trying to outsmart the King and Queen in a tricky battle that doesn’t seem to end. 

Till this point, the manga has managed to accumulate a large fan following and many fans are hyped to read the new chapter. If you wish to know more about the new details of One Piece Chapter 1023, read further!

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The raw scans of the new chapter are out and we can’t help but get thrilled to read Chapter 1023. The upcoming chapter will be full of plot twists and shocking revelations that will add tons of flavor and depth to One Piece.

One Piece Chapter 1023 Spoilers: Zoro, Sanji, and The Royal Couple

One Piece Chapter 1023

One Piece Chapter 1023 will focus on Zoro and Sanji taking on the most powerful minions of Kaido in battle. We are as shocked as Chopper and the Beast Pirates to see the strange effects of Mink’s potions on the royal couple, the King and the Queen. 

There are hints that Zoro might get defeated by Kawamatsu in the upcoming chapter. One Beast Pirate aims his gun at our fav swordsman Zoro in an interesting turn of events. While Sanji and Zoro are battling the King and Queen in a fight to the death, no one disturbs them.

While this epic battle was going on, Marco happened to recall the crucial info Whitehead relayed to him. At that moment, the Beast pirates start attacking him with dangerous gunshots. Izou saves him by firing back at those pirates.

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The fight between the two teams gets a new dimension. While Sanji and Zoro are busy talking about something, the King takes the opportunity to attack Zoro, whose fast reflexes save the day as he blocks using his sword. 


The Queen utilizes this opportunity and unleashes a brand-new technique called “Bridal Grapper”, which turns the tip of her ponytail into a claw. But Sanji blocks it with his unique burning Kick.

While this chaos ensues, Hyougorou and Kawamatsu watch the battle unfold. On an unusual note, we encounter an image of Ryuma with a nasty scar on his face. Besides the battle between Sanji and Zoro and the King and Queen, Jack and Inuarashi are fighting each other in Onigashima Castle. 

One-Piece Momonosuke

Though Shinobu was extremely reluctant to do so, she finally turned Momonosuke into an adult of 28 years. The upcoming chapter will end with Luffy asking the new adult to take back Wanokuni, which he replies affirmatively and they march forward.


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