One Punch Man Chapter 150 Preview and Leaks!!

One Punch man chapter 150

Here are the leaks for One Punch Man Chapter 150. The Japanese version of the new manga volume was released in January 2021. The English version will be releasing in October 2021.

In Chapter 149, Homeless Emperor confronts Fuhrer Ugly. The two begin fighting. However, Homeless Emperor outmatches him. Realizing this he retreats and declares his revenge.

Golden Sperm switches his focus to Superalloy Darkshine. He tells him that he is not worthy to be an S-Class Hero. Then he punches Superalloy Darkshine and sends him flying.

Fuhrer Ugly is angry and wants his revenge against Bang and Homeless Emperor. He tries to find the hero. Meanwhile. Metal Bat appears behind the clones of Black Sperm and defeats them with a single swing.


Elsewhere, Homeless Emperor begins attacking Atomic Samurai, Golden Mustachio, and Iaian. Genos and Tatsumaki are also struggling against multiple clones of Black Sperm.

Meanwhile, Child Emperor is struggling for his life beneath the rubbles. He messages Bofoi and tells him of their current situation. He also asks for help as he has only 10 minutes of oxygen left. As he holds his breathe and awaits his end, Puri Puri Prisoner comes to his rescue.

Genos carries the unconscious Tatsumaki. Numerous clones of Black Sperm surround them. Just at this moment, King appears before them.

One Punch Man Chapter 150 will cover:

  • King and his battle: after wandering off he appears at the fight scene
  • Homeless Emperor and Atomic Samurai: The battle continues and Iaian loses his arm
  • Fuhrer Ugly’s revenge: He is beaten by Garou
  • Zombieman actually dies in the webcomic because he turns into ashes
  • Pig God uses his ‘special’ ability: Fubuki also uses his power to heal Tatsumaki

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