Pilot Reveals Secret About Hot Coffee On Flight- Leaves People Feeling Disgusted


An anonymous pilot shared a confession on the internet where he opened up about what he calls “the most unhygienic place on earth”. It left people gagging.

The unnamed pilot shared the disgusting secret about the plane on Reddit under the username moaningpilot. The pilot wrote that galleys are probably the most unhygienic places on earth. The user also added that there aren’t many places where I’d be wiping down a toilet seat and then immediately go and plate some food up.


If you think that this is the most disgusting thing to know, then you are wrong. The unnamed user had a very disgusting confession to make about the hot coffee on the plane.

In the confession about coffee, he told people not to order hot coffee on board as he claims that he had witnessed crew members doing pretty gross things.

The moaningpilot said, ” I once caught a fellow crew member pouring old coffee down the toilet.”

He also added: “We can’t pour it down the sink as coffee often blocks them.”

air hostess pouring coffee to customer
Credits: Daily Express

The thing that left people vowing never to order hot coffee on board is when the pilot said, “She then immediately brewed a fresh coffee and poured drinks for the customers.”

This secret made people say goodbye to hot beverages on the flight.

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