Bride Hugs Her Ex-Lover One Last Time At Her Wedding

Who does invite one’s ex-lover? Only the thought of having your ex-lover at your wedding is weird enough, let alone actually having them in your wedding in real. This happened at a wedding in real.

Recently a TikTok video got viral where the bride asked for her husband’s permission to hug her ex-lover one last time shortly after they got married. Real Clip KH posted a clip of the same on Youtube.

The bride uploaded this wedding clip on her TikTok account, @mayangkumay. In this clip, a guy walks towards the newlywed to congratulate them. The guy was the bride’s ex-lover. He extended his hand for a handshake.

Instead of taking the guy’s hand, the bride turns to her husband and asks if she can hug her ex-lover for one last time.


Even though the groom approved of it, the look of awkwardness was clearly visible on his face.

While the bride hugged her ex-lover and talked to him, the groom stood beside them, watching them awkwardly.

After hugging the bride, her ex-lover turns to the groom for a handshake, but the groom gives a tight hug to the guy instead of a handshake.

This TikTok video got so viral that it has over 2 million views.


Some people said the groom is stupid for letting the bride hug the guy, while others appreciated the groom for not being an insecure person.

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