Platinum End Episode 24 Marks The End Of The Series!

Platinum End Episode 24

Platinum End Episode 24 marks the last episode of the series, bringing the series to a close. We’ve already met God; now it’s just a matter of waiting to see what he decides to do. Let’s go straight into the review and see what we can find out!

About Platinum End

Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata created the manga series Platinum End. It was serialised in Shueisha’s Jump Square monthly magazine from November 2015 to January 2021.

It is a series about a student named Mirai Kakehashi who attempts suicide but is saved by his guardian angel, Nasse, who not only promises to protect him but also bestows special powers upon him because he is one of 13 candidates chosen by various angels to take on the role of God, who will retire in 999 days.

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Platinum End Episode 24 Review

So there you have it. The “Major One.” Everyone was anxious about this one, and everyone assumed it would end the series. A dreadful conclusion that puts Death Note Episodes 28-35 to disgrace. Manga readers have been warning people about this finale since the beginning of the series.

Let’s start with this: it’s astonishing that many believed there was still something left to “ruin” in the series. From the beginning, it was complete crap, only watchable for the “so awful, it’s good” factor. There was no way a terrible conclusion could destroy a programme that had nothing to begin with. Second, the conclusion wasn’t even that horrible.

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What happens in Episode 24 of Platinum End?

In Platinum End episode 24, Nakaumi, now God, contends with another creature within himself while attempting to comprehend the nature of heaven and angels. Meanwhile, everyone on Earth goes about their daily lives as normal. Saki and Mirai decide to return to school and start a flower shop together. Yoneda and Temari continue their investigation into the red arrow he was given.

Years pass, as Nakaumi observes the lives of his friends. Mirai and Saki finally marry and find happiness with one another. When the Kakehashi couple sends him flowers, even Yoneda, who is as cold and calculated as ever, almost cracks his stoic face.

However, when Nakaumi discovers that God was not created by humans, but rather by some other unknown entity, he takes severe actions. And it’s these dramatic steps that make this ending, even by Platinum End’s standards, truly awful.

platinum end episode 24 nakaumi god dies

And then they all died..

So, Nakaumi commits suicide. God, along with everyone else, dies in Platinum End episode 24. No one else survives, that’s correct. The angels, not so much. Not the God candidates, at least. The folks, not so much. Everyone passes away. It’s finally over.

Viewers are now left wondering what the point of it all was. What was the purpose of witnessing these individuals go through such a difficult vetting procedure if they were all going to die in the end? The ending of Platinum End leaves you with a chilly, hollow sensation. The ending feels like the execution of a great dramatic event that’s intended to represent something but ultimately amounts to nothing, which is maybe true to the show’s personality that it’s created over the last several months.

The show’s conclusion was neither cathartic nor satisfactory. It doesn’t even seem like a thematically resonant conclusion. In reality, it’s a conclusion that leaves you with far more questions than answers. Whoever believed that having everyone die at the conclusion of the movie would be startling and emotionally compelling has a screw loose. In the current state of affairs, Platinum End’s conclusion is an insult to everybody who watched the show’s entire 24-episode run.

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platinum end episode 24 mirai kakehashi saki

Platinum End: The Show that fell Flat

As a result, Platinum End has come to an end. What an adventure that had been. Despite all of the negativity directed at the programme, it appeared to be extremely promising at one time. A new novella from the Death Note developers with an intriguing idea felt like a surefire hit.

The show’s first season, however, was one of the most complicated, poorly written plots any anime has created in recent memory, with the show’s first cour being one of the most confusing, poorly written storylines any anime has produced in recent memory.

Where to watch?

Watch Platinum End Episode 22 on Crunchyroll. Watch Platinum End on VRV via Crunchyroll if you’re not located in Japan.

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