Platinum End Episode 23 Release Date, Preview, and Other Details

Platinum End Mirai

“At the End of Thought” is the title of the upcoming episode, which will focus on Mirai and his choice to take a direct strike. We’ll also find out if Mirai has truly accepted her defeat or if it was merely a distraction for Gaku.

About Platinum End

Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata created the manga series Platinum End. It was serialised in Shueisha’s Jump Square monthly magazine from November 2015 to January 2021.

It is a series about a student named Mirai Kakehashi who attempts suicide but is saved by his guardian angel, Nasse, who not only promises to protect him but also bestows special powers upon him because he is one of 13 candidates chosen by various angels to take on the role of God, who will retire in 999 days.

Platinum End Episode 23

Recap of Platinum End Episode 22

The 22nd episode of Platinum End begins with Yoneda and Mirai sending the other applicants away so that they may chat one-on-one. Mirai has no idea that this is playing right into Yoneda’s hands. The scientist has devised a cunning plan to force Mirai to submit to his will in some way or another.

As a result, Nakaumi locks and ties up the three females in some way. Nobody knows how this small boy managed to bind three fully grown people, each of whom has access to angel wings. It’s just a perplexing jump of reasoning that we’re meant to accept, but whatever. The scenario has been set, with Mirai in a highly vulnerable position going up against Yoneda, a dangerous opponent.

The reasons why Yoneda does not desire a “fake deity,” as he terms it, are further explored in Platinum End episode 22. His thesis is essentially based on his opinion that mankind is doomed. People are doomed to go extinct at some point, thus there can’t be a God who keeps them from reaching the conclusion they desire. He then goes on to provide a comprehensive description of how the future will finally become clear and how humans would strive to transcend time by pursuing immortality.

Yoneda compels Mirai to make two judgments in 28 seconds each later in Platinum End episode 22. First, he forces Mirai to abandon his ambition to become God. If he doesn’t cooperate, Nakaumi will murder Saki with his white arrow.

The second choice he makes for him is even more ruthless. Mirai is informed by Yoneda that one of them, or Saki, must be killed by a white arrow. Nakaumi will fire Saki if Mirai dodges or avoids the white arrow. Mirai surrenders to Yoneda’s words, ready to take the white arrow to his breast.

At this time, Yoneda has solidified his reputation as an overdramatic edgelord who believes he is sounding deep while spouting half-baked ridiculous notions. When he spouts a bunch of gibberish that does not click with the audience, we’re supposed to think he’s a Nobel prize-winning genius. He certainly talks about a lot of uncertainty and makes statements that aren’t backed up by evidence.

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Platinum End Episode 23

Spoilers for Platinum End Episode 23

The aftermath of Yoneda’s arrow will be the subject of Tsugumi Ohba’s next work. Saki was Mirai’s true love, therefore he had to choose between protecting her and saving himself.

Yoneda gave Mirai 28 seconds to make up his mind when he finally reacted by proclaiming that he wanted to be murdered. Even still, Mirai’s fate is still up in the air. Yoneda’s master plan, revealed in Episode 23 of Platinum End, would save Mirai.

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In order for the creation to be born, every god contender must now die. As a result, Yoneda has spent the entire time playing a bluff game. Mirai, on the other hand, was well aware of the problem. Mirai will almost certainly create a plan to keep Saki and himself safe from the other characters.

Finally, if Yoneda dies, Mirai will succeed him as mankind’s new deity. What, on the other hand, will happen if the other god candidates do not win? Everything will be explained in the next episode.

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Platinum End Episode 23 Release Date

Platinum End Episode 23 Release Date is Sunday, 17 March 2022.

Where to watch?

Watch Platinum End Episode 22 on Crunchyroll. Watch Platinum End on VRV via Crunchyroll if you’re not located in Japan.

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