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Platinum End Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers & Leaks

Platinum End Mirai

From the previous episode of Platinum End, we learned about the thirteen angels that came to the human world. The stage is now set for an all-out war among the angels and the chosen ones as they fight to become the next God. Will Mirai and Nasse survive to be the last ones standing? Read on to find out more about Platinum End Episode 3; release date, recaps, spoilers, and leaks.

Platinum End Episode 3 Release Date

After the successful release of its first two episodes, Platinum End is set to return with episode 3 on the 22nd of October. From the same creators as Death Note, Platinum End has been getting a lot of positive reviews! Fans are in love with the Dark Fantasy-themed anime and are eagerly waiting for the release of consequent episodes.

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Platinum End Episode 2 Recap

We saw God send thirteen angels to the Human World. God is retiring and it is the Angels’ part to gather the Chosen ones among the humans to become the next God. After receiving the orders for the mission from God, the Angels made their way to the Human World. 

They have a long-standing tradition that when the current God retires, they must gather the Chosen Ones to contest for the position of next God. The angels were ranked differently, from A through C. Those humans who are given high-ranked Angels are fortunate since it makes their road to the throne much easier. 


The higher-ranked Angels also met to discuss what they will bestow on humanity. There are 999 days left for the Angels to fulfill their mission. They leave heaven and travel to the human world. Angels and humans will coexist now that the missions have begun.

Mirai is one of the first humans to encounter and learn from an Angel. But he couldn’t believe it at first. When he saw Angel’s powers and realized it wasn’t a dream, everything changed. Nasse urges Mirai that he should believe her, and Mirai realizes that he should since he sees an Angel in front of him.

Mirai had suffered so much in his life that he believed God didn’t exist, but after seeing an Angel and experiencing happiness, he admitted that God does exist. Nasse is perplexed as to why Mirai has questions about himself. We observed Mirai still pondering whether he could become a God because he can’t look after himself and isn’t deserving.

Nasse cautions him that if he waits too long, he would lose the new life. Mirai will also revert to his previous state of misery because he refuses to acknowledge God. If Mirai accepts, he will be rewarded with the happiness he so richly deserves and will live a happy life.

He understands that everyone, regardless of their life experiences, is entitled to him. That brought up memories of him spending time with his mother. It was wonderful to have his mother around, but she is no longer with him, and this has broken him since he lost his family when he was young. Mirai, on the other hand, has discovered a cause to live. To fix their concerns, the two agreed to confront Mirai’s uncle. 

Mirai and Nasse had become good partners and were able to complete the form early in the morning. Every day, Nasse walks with Mirai wherever he goes, guiding him. They discover a villain who is murdering people, but they fight him and save the planet. However, Mirai ran into Nasse’s competitor Angel, and the episode came to a close.

Platinum End Episode 3 Spoilers

For fans who have already read the manga, it is already known to us what will happen in the next episode. Based on the third chapter of the manga titled “Hero of Justice”, the next episode of Platinum End will reveal the other God candidates living in Mirai’s area.

In the beginning, we are introduced to Metropoliman, who is later revealed to be a God candidate. He is already accustomed to the power of the arrows and is going around playing hero with their help. When he is on Live television, he reveals his intentions to kill the other twelve God candidates and openly challenges them to come after him.

The news of how a God candidate is using his arrows to kill other God candidates frightens Mirai and he wishes for Nasse to take away his powers. However, Nasse warns him that doing so will kill him. He is left with no choice but to attend school as usual. Unfortunately for Mirai, he is spotted by another angel while in his school and is stabbed by an arrow from behind. Thus, revealing the fourth God candidate of the story.

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Where to watch Platinum End 

You can watch the official version of Platinum End on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Fans can also subscribe for premium access on either streaming platform to get early access to the episodes

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