Pokemon 2019 Episode 85 Release Date And Spoilers: Satoshi vs Saito!

After the delay that happened with the previous episode, Pokemon 2019 is all set to resume its regular release schedule again. The latest episode saw the battle between the two huge Pokemon. The battle is witnessed by Goh, Satoshi/Ash and the other characters as Lucario and Haribogue fight off each other. Read on to find out everything we know about the upcoming episode! 

Pokemon 2019 Episode 85 Release Date

Pokemon 2019 Episode 85 is scheduled for release on Friday, 29th October, 2021. The release timings will vary for different locations but in Japan, it will air at 6:55 PM on TV TOKYO. The episode is titled “Rival Showdown! Satoshi vs. Saito!”

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Recap of Pokemon 2019 Episode 84

Pokemon 2019 Corni

In Pokemon 2019 Episode 84, titled “The Lucarionite! Great Adventure on Mega Island!!”, as Goh and Satoshi witness the battle, they are impressed with the girl, Corni who is in charge of instructing and maneuvering the pokemon, Lucario. Corni receives a lot of praise from Satoshi after the duel. 

This is also a moment of realization for Satoshi’s Lucario who now sees that Corni’s Lucario has evolved and is on a higher level and thus he needs to train hard so he can surpass Corni’s Lucario. Using the Mega Glove, Satoshi watches with wonder as Lucario undergoes Mega Transformation. Corni’s grandfather, Gramps advises them to search for Lucarionite to complete Lucario’s Mega Evolution. 

Pokemon Satoshi/Ash and Lucario

The team is finally able to locate Lucarionite and fulfill Lucario’s evolution, despite setbacks on the way. As they head back, Satoshi receives a notification about his upcoming battle with his rival, Saito. 

What Can We Expect From Pokemon 2019 Episode 85? 

The title of Pokemon 2019 Episode 85 itself and the ending of the previous episode shows that Satoshi is notified of his next match along with the name of his opponent. But the catch is that his opponent is not just anyone, but his rival Saito who is ranked at 60.

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Pokemon Satoshi and Saito

We can expect tons of drama and action as tension builds around the face-off between Satoshi and Saito. The next episode will have us definitely sitting at the edge of our seats as we try to figure out who will come out victorious. 

Where to Watch Pokemon 2019 Episode 85 Online? 

You can stream the latest episode and the rest of the series on Pokemon TV and Netflix. It is also available on Amazon Prime Video UK. 

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